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Storm Damage Happens

12/8/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded floor. During a flood, the cure is more than just removing the standing water.

The Many Ways Flooding Can Affect our Properties

You cannot always account for the effects of a disaster on your home and how widespread the damages can be. With substantial water loss incidents such as groundwater flooding, your home is at the mercy of not only high volumes of water, but also everything the water brings with it. Rushing flood waters bring debris such as mud, rocks, sand, uprooted trees and plants, garbage, and the contents of other buildings or homes in the local area.  

Often overlooked during a flood is the fact that sewage systems can mix with the flood waters. Our SERVPRO team is away of these and other challenges that a flood brings to our communities. We can help you to not only remove the water and debris, but we can also provide cleanup and when needed controlled demolition (removal) of the damaged and contaminated building materials.

Certainly, our extraction efforts are often the most visible part of helping to mitigate the loss to your building property. However, removal of this water is only the beginning to returning your home to preloss condition. One of the concerns that our technicians focus on during cleanup is the contaminated debris associated with the flood waters. We spoke about this earlier in this blog. Let’s expand upon the information by mentioning other toxic substance beyond sewage. Flood waters may also contain pesticides and decomposing materials such as animal carcasses. Our training in biohazard cleanup can ensure you that these situations are accurately diagnosed and resolved immediately to mitigate potential health threats to your family.

We also are able to provide expert re-construction services to fully restore your home or commercial property.

Our SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City emergency response storm cleanup experts can arrive quickly and help you to get things back to the way they once were. Give us a call today at (760) 337-5858 so we can show you how our team can make flood damage seem “Like it never even happened.”

Ground Water Flooding is Usually Contaiminated.

11/24/2021 (Permalink)

Drying equipment Cleaning and drying equipment hard at work.

Flood Damage In El Centro Can Contain Contaminated Water

During the time of year when storms blow into the El Centro region, excessive amounts of rainfall can cause flooding in your neighborhood.  When there is groundwater flooding there is a good chance it is contaminated. The Health and Restoration industries classify this type of water as Category Three and are also called Black Water. That means it is treated the same as sewage backups.

- Floodwater will mix with sewage systems

- Floodwater contains bacteria from dead animals

- Floodwater can contain chemicals, fertilizers, etc.

Whenever the source of your flood damage situation in El Centro is "black water" which means it contains gross levels of bacteria, our SERVPRO technicians follow a standard set of procedures to mitigate issues so that the contamination does not spread across your building. The first step we take is to protect the building occupants from the contaminated water by evacuating you and your family and equipping our workers with personal protection equipment. Next, we establish containment controls with plastic barriers. We also use  HEPA air scrubber equipment so that contaminants cannot spread throughout your structure.

After the worksite is safe and the affected areas are properly contained, our SERVPRO crew can begin removing and disposing of unsalvageable building materials and contents. Please note: during category three flooding, most structural porous materials that got saturated with contaminated moisture must be removed and replaced. In some situations, we can save affected contents that have non-porous surfaces by performing specialized cleaning and decontamination.

If you need contaminated ground water removed from your home or commercial structure it is wise to call SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City at (760) 337-5858 immediately. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Introducing the SERVPRO Storm Team

11/8/2021 (Permalink)

A green colored SERVPRO work van The SERVPRO green vans are ready to respond to storms.

Natural Disasters are Intensifying

In the early 2000's SERVPRO Industries, a nationwide water, and fire cleanup franchise system saw the increasing natural disasters happening around the world.

SERVPRO responded by forming a storm response team comprised of experienced franchisees who could travel to storm-damaged areas to provide cleanup services.

Back then SERVPR had 1,500+ franchisees. Only the best of the best were invited to participate in storm response. Standards were established concerning cleanup procedures, equipment use, and standard pricing. 

Total, SERVPRO of El Centro is pleased to say we are certified and approved as a Storm Team Responder.

What does this mean for you? 

It means that our company is one of the best of the best and you can expect good service whenever you call us. It also means that if a natural disaster were to happen in our region of the country, the SERVPRO storm team would be here. SERVPRO of El Centro would be the host franchise and the community would receive help from as many other Storm Team Members as needed to get the storm damage cleaned up.

If we ever suffer from a natural disaster and you see dozens of green trucks in the area, it's the SERVPRO STORM TEAM hard at work to make it "Like it never even happened."

Flood Damage Happens in the Desert.

11/6/2021 (Permalink)

mold on an interior wall A water spill or flooding caused mold to grow quickly in structures located in a desert climate.

Flood Damage in Your Home or Business Must be Cleaned up Promptly.

In the desert, water damage can turn into a mold problem very quickly in any indoor environment because we keep our building closed up and the HVAC system can help spread mold spores.

If your structure is affected by water damage, you must take the right steps to solve the problem. Whether you are dealing with monsoon rainwater flooding or another source, you must begin to dry out the house (or structure) as you start assessing the overall damage. Once the water dry-out is accomplished the restoration process and procedures can begin.  First, let's continue our discussion about flooding.

Dealing with flood damage:

The mitigation process begins by pumping out, or vacuum extracting the standing water. Next comes the installation of restorative drying equipment. While drying the walls and floors is a time-consuming venture (usually 3 to 5 days) it's the only way to prevent the potential development of microbials and molds; getting the structure dry has to be accomplished before building repairs can begin. 

Drying the Internal Surfaces and Structural Materials:

• Dry out the carpets to reduce elevated interior moisture
• Force dry air into the building to expedite the drying and evaporation process
• In dry climates such as Yuma, and when safe, improve the drying process by opening the windows and doors to vent moisture 
• Lookout for stagnant water in buildings with crawlspaces

Aumente su Creatividad Desde su Hogar en El Centro.

11/5/2021 (Permalink)

Camión verde de SERVPRO fuera de un edificio. Tómate un tiempo para relajarte y dejar salir al artista que llevas dentro mientras los técnicos de SERVPRO se encargan de restaurar tu hogar.

Unwind & Design Invita a los Residentes de El Centro a Despertar Su Vena Artística y Crear su Obra Maestra

Mantener distancia social con sus amigos y vecinos en El Centro puede ser un desafío, especialmente porque la crisis de salud continúa restringiendo las reuniones sociales. Con las fiestas a la vuelta de la esquina, la ausencia de nuestros seres queridos se siente fuertemente, pero Unwind & Design ofrece una excelente alternativa para su grupo. Durante noviembre y diciembre, puede registrarse individualmente o en grupo para disfrutar de un taller guiado de pintura donde el resultado será su obra maestra. El mejor aspecto del taller es que al usar zoom, su grupo puede estar juntos y distanciados a la vez. Esto es lo que necesita saber para reservar su clase:

  • Unwind & Design es un lugar para soñar y dejar fluir su creatividad.
  • Se requieren reservaciones y se pueden hacer a través de su sitio web
  • Su aporte apoya a los artistas locales y el espacio donde se conectan

SERVPRO de El Centro / Salton City apoya a otras empresas en el área, ya sean víctimas de inundaciones repentinas o necesiten servicios de restauración. Llámenos al (760) 337-5858 siempre que nos necesite y permítanos dejar su casa como si nada hubiera sucedido.

Help for Water Damage Recovery

11/4/2021 (Permalink)

leaking water pipe Finding a pipe leak inside a wall can be difficult. Seek professional help.

Experiencing a water loss of any kind can be difficult for you and your family. It is important not to stress because help is available to get your home back to preloss condition and your family routine back to normal. The first thing you will want to do is focus on minimizing damages. Make sure the water is turned off and the source that is causing the water damage is repaired. If you are not sure where the source of water is coming from, SERVPRO of El Centro/ Salton City can help locate the source and will make the repairs, or recommend a qualified service provider. 

Once the water flow has been contained, the next step is extracting the water and starting the drying and recovery process. It's vital to begin drying quickly because excess interior water moisture can damage walls by way of wicking action and gravity. SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City has special equipment to dry the damp building materials and also the interior air. Our equipment prevents high levels of moisture from causing secondary damage in your home (or business.) Our goal is to get a wet structure completely back to a dry condition in four days or less to prevent potential mold growth and to prepare for any necessary rebuilding and restoration services. 

Depending on the amount of the damage, you might have your insurance company get involved.  Typically, if the damage is a "smaller loss" and costs less or close to your insurance deductible it's best to handle it out of pocket to prevent an increase in policy rates with your insurance provider.  Either way, SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City can help.

Storm Damage Recovery.

10/31/2021 (Permalink)

roof repairs Storms can cause exterior and interior damage. SERVPRO can handle it all.

What to do after flood damage to El Centro Homes and Businesses.

After a flood, you will need restoration services. The term restoration means to return something to its former condition. Following a flood, restoration can become an involved process because you are dealing with structural damage and damage to contents. You may also be facing something that is a new experience.  Our team at SERVPRO works hard to make sure that your structure and your contents are thoroughly restored. We work hard to make sure we answer your questions and help reduce your stress. If the job is a covered insurance loss we will help you work with the insurance company and their adjusters.

Restoration includes the following: 

  • Communication, documentation
  • Initial cleanup and drying
  • Ensuring the structural damage is repaired to preloss condition 
  • Resetting the contents (home or business)
  • Final cleaning and inspections
  • Earning your approval and satisfaction

For assistance with any home restoration project, contact SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City anytime, 24/7, at (760) 337-5858. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Mi Casa se Inundó; ¿Qué hago ahora?

8/27/2020 (Permalink)

Inundación en el piso de una casa. ¿Daños por inundaciones por tormentas en su casa de Salton City? Llame a SERVPRO de inmediato.

Llame a un servicio professional para eliminar el olor causado por el agua que inundo su casa de Salton City

La necesidad de limpiar después de una inundación es bastante evidente. El lodo, la suciedad y los escombros pueden estar esparcidos por su casa, y usted sabe lo que debe hacer para restaurarlo. A medida que realiza un inventario del daño y determina lo que puede conservar y lo que necesita eliminar, considere también llamar un servicio professional para garantizar que su ambiente no se haya convertido en un caldo de cultivo para las bacterias. Desinfectar y desodorizar con soluciones industriales es esencial para protegerlo de futuras complicaciones.

Cuando el daño por inundación afecta su hogar en Salton City, debe llamar a SERVPRO para que lo guíe en el proceso de restauración. Nuestros técnicos se especializan en la eliminación de agua y el saneamiento de su hogar y prestan mucha atención a las amenazas que se esconden detrás de un desastre natural. Cuando nos permite entrar a su hogar, usted cuenta con nuestra experiencia y sabiduría sobre los pasos necesarios para proteger a su familia y comenzar la reconstrucción después de la tormenta.

¿Por qué hay un mal olor en mi casa después de que se inunda?

La mayoría de las veces, el olor es consecuencia de las bacterias que invadieron su hogar. Aunado a su absorción por superficies porosas, el olor a humedad puede hacerse insoportable. En algunos casos, nuestro equipo de SERVPRO descubre que el moho ya se está formando en su hogar debido al exceso de humedad, lo cual también desprende un olor. En todos los casos, el tiempo es esencial. Cuanto más rápido elimine los rastros de la tormenta, más mitigará su pérdida. Entre los métodos utilizados por nuestro equipo para limpiar el aire y eliminar los olores residuales, podrá ver los siguientes-

  • Depuradores de aire: interactúan con las moléculas de olor y las neutralizan
  • Capsulas desodorantes: las dispersamos por su casa para contrarrestar los olores.
  • Generadores de ozono: aplican partículas eléctricas en el aire para ayudar a descomponer las moléculas de olor.

SERVPRO de El Centro / Salton City es más que un equipo de limpieza. Somos líderes en abordar todos los aspectos del proceso de restauración después de una inundación. Llámenos al (760) 337-5858 e invítenos a dejar su casa como que nada hubiera pasado.

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My House Flooded and Now it Smells; What do I do?

8/7/2020 (Permalink)

"Flooding" Storm flood damage in your Salton City home? Don’t let moisture take over, call SERVPRO right away.

Call a Professional Service to Remove the Smell Left by Flood Water in your Salton City Home.

The need to clean after a flood is pretty evident. Sludge, dirt, and debris may be strewn around your house, and you know what you need to do to restore it. As you inventory the damage and determine what you can salvage and what you need to remove, you should also consider the need for professional services to ensure your environment has not become a breeding ground for bacteria. Disinfecting and deodorizing with industrial-strength solutions is essential to protecting you from future complications.

When flood damage affects your Salton City home, you should call SERVPRO to guide you through the restoration process. Our technicians specialize in water removal and sanitation of your home and pay close attention to potential threats that are not evident to the average homeowner. When you allow us into your home, you invite the expertise and know-how necessary to protect your family and commence rebuilding after the storm.

Why does my home smell after it floods?

More often than not, the smell is a consequence of bacteria that came into your home. It is compounded by any porous surfaces that absorb water, leading to a musty smell reminding you of the flooding event. In some cases, our SERVPRO team finds mold already forming in your home due to the excess moisture, which can also create a smell. In all instances, time is of the essence. The quicker you eliminate traces of the storm, the more you mitigate your loss. Among the methods, you may see our team apply to clean your air and get rid of residual smells you may identify the following-

Air scrubbers- they interact with smell molecules and neutralize them

Deodorizing pellets- we scatter them around your home to counteract the smells

Ozone generators- they apply electrical particles in the air to help break down odor molecules

SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City is more than just a cleaning crew. We are leaders in addressing all aspects of the restoration process following a flood. Call us at (760) 337-5858 and invite us to leave your home, "Like it never even happened." 

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¿Puedo Reparar el Daño de Inundación Sin Ayuda Profesional?

7/14/2020 (Permalink)

Entrada de una casa totalmente inundada. SERVPRO de El Centro / Salton City está a su servicio si tienes daños por inundaciones.

Una Empresa Profesional de Restauración de Agua Es Su Mejor Opcion Para Reparar los Daños por Inundaciones en Brawley

Las inundaciones en su hogar pueden crear una variedad de problemas imposibles de creer.  Algunas consecuencias visibles en su casa de Brawley pueden incluir agua estancada y alfombras empapadas, pero las inundaciones son más que eso. En lugar de preguntarse si está tomando las medidas adecuadas para proteger su hogar, deje que un servicio acreditado le ayude.

En Brawley, SERVPRO es el mejor equipo para restaurar el daño por inundación. Nada prepara a los técnicos más que la experiencia combinada con una comprensión profunda de la teoría detrás del secado y la desinfección efectiva. Nuestros técnicos poseen certificaciones y practica que verifican su preparación para manejar incluso las situaciones más difíciles. Una vez que sea seguro para nosotros entrar a su hogar después de la inundación, podemos evaluar el alcance del daño y tomar las medidas apropiadas.

¿Dónde se esconde el agua después de una inundación?

El agua puede asentarse en toda su casa. Puede notar un cambio en su piso manifestado en la separación de sus componentes, o un cambio en sus rodapiés o gabinetes. También puede ver una marca en sus paredes indicando la altura del agua, pero depende de nuestros técnicos SERVPRO ayudarlo a determinar si la fundación de su casa, el ático o cavidades de la pared están en peligro después de la inundación. Cuando confirmamos la presencia de agua y exceso de humedad, pasamos a la extracción mediante la aplicación de una combinación de herramientas y técnicas especializadas que incluyen:

  • Bombas sumergibles para extraer agua estancada.
  • Bombas montadas en camiones conectadas al alcantarillado local lo cual nos permite eliminar grandes volúmenes de agua.
  • Extractores de varillas para grietas y esquinas.

A medida que nuestro equipo se mueve por su hogar, utilizamos herramientas de grado industrial para guiar nuestros esfuerzos de restauración. Nuestra atención al detalle ayuda a proteger su hogar de daños exacerbados debido al agua estancada. A medida que nuestros técnicos de SERVPRO trabajan en su hogar, levantan cuidadosamente barreras que eviten la contaminación y el deterioro innecesario.

SERVPRO de El Centro / Salton City está a su servicio. Llámenos al (760) 337-5858 y déjenos limpiar su casa hasta que quede como si nada hubiera pasado.

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My El Centro Home Has Flood Damage, What Steps Should I Take?

4/29/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO techs loading restoration equipment into SERVPRO vehicle Each vehicle in our Green Fleet is stocked with equipment to restore your home.

Call an El Centro Flood Damage Restoration Company to Help You Bring Things Back to Normal

Floodwater may have entered your El Centro residence after heavy rainfall. This water is unsafe since it can pick anything in its path as it travels over roads and yards. Flood damage is something you should take seriously, and it is better to hire SERVPRO franchise professionals because we can extract water safely and correctly.

What Precautions Should I Take After My El Centro Home is Flooded?

The process of cleaning up your flooded home can be scary. However, before you think about restoring your flood damaged El Centro home, it is vital to take some precautions to protect yourself from germs, diseases, and other hazards. They include:

  • Avoid entering your home until it is safe to do so.
  • Wear personal protective gear like rubber boots, face mask, and hand gloves to prevent contact with contaminated water.
  • Notify a family member or close friend that you are okay and are returning to your home to assess the damage.
  • Look out for electrical or gas damage.
  • Dispose of household chemicals correctly.
  • Check to see if flooding contaminated your water supply.
  • Discard contaminated foods.
  • Document the damage you come across.
  • Inform your flood insurance company about the incident and share the documentation related to flood damage with it.

What Can Happen After My El Centro Property Floods?

Some parts of your home are more susceptible to flood damage than others. Examples include the flooring, foundation walls, and internal walls. Components of your house laid beneath or on the ground can sustain significant damage after a flooding incident. Severe weather conditions, like strong winds, affect other structures. Floodwater can also ruin drywall, causing it to sag and disintegrate. Paint bubbles and peeling can appear as the water wicks up the drywall. After that, the water can saturate the insulation behind the drywall.

If water remains in your property for a long time, wood structures can begin to swell. The glue that holds your particleboard bathroom and kitchen cabinets can dissolve, and they may crumble. Wood exposed to water for a long period can rot. Water can also short out electrical systems, leading to shock and fire hazards as well as damage to electronic equipment.

Why Should I Hire SERVPRO to for El Centro Flood Cleanup?

Dealing with El Centro flood cleanup on your own can be a stressful experience. Hiring inexperienced persons to handle flood damage can also be dangerous because they may miss potentially hazardous problems and worsen the situation. The water that wicks up behind a wall and under the floors can cause mold growth and other issues. You should trust our technicians to restore your home because of the following reasons:

  • Hazardous water – Floodwater may bring sewage with harmful viruses, bacteria, and dangerous chemicals into your home. Every part of your house that comes into contact with the floodwater needs correct remediation, ensuring that contaminated waste cannot come into contact with unaffected areas or become airborne.
  • Structural problems – Flood damage can cause severe structural issues if you do not handle the drying process properly. We can dry affected areas that are out of view or replace them with structurally sound materials.
  • Mold infestation – Mold begins growing in water-damaged properties after 24 to 48 hours. Different kinds of mold exist, and some are more harmful than others. Mold can cause health effects for family members. Our team is trained to handle the flood damage and has the appropriate protective gear, cleaning supplies, and equipment to remedy the issue quickly.
  • We have been in business for many years and therefore understand flood damage restoration fully. Our company is licensed and insured and can do everything it takes to restore your house to its original condition.

How Do You Restore an El Centro Flooded House?

The methods we use to restore a flooded house differ based on various factors like the size of the house, and the extent of the damage. The steps to restoring your home include:

  • Extracting water– Our SERVPRO team can use high-pressure pumps to remove the water from floors.
  • Containing the affected area - The purpose of containment is to prevent contaminants from spreading into uncontaminated areas, managing airflow from clean to contaminated areas, and protecting the workers and occupants of a building from being exposed to pollutants.
  • Removing non-salvageable items and building materials
  • Spraying anti-microbial solutions to the affected areas

After removing the water, we set up the drying equipment in a specific pattern that creates an efficient drying system for a house. We use air moving equipment to increase air circulation so that your home can dry faster. Our team also uses dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture from the air. We also locate excess water using specialized devices like moisture meters, hygrometers, and thermal imaging cameras. We always seek to create a balanced drying system, meaning that the dehumidifiers can remove all the moisture that air movers are putting in. Having a balanced drying system helps prevent secondary damage and allows for rapid drying to occur.

As the equipment removes moisture and controls humidity levels, we monitor the process every day. Our SERVPRO team creates a drying goal. This goal indicates the conditions that materials and contents should display after we restore them to their preloss dryness.

If you have a flood damage emergency, contact SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City for help. We also offer flood restoration services to the residents of Salton City, Brawley, and Calexico. Our 24-hour helpline is (760) 337-5858.

We Have Advanced Equipment To Restore Your El Centro Home After A Flood

3/11/2020 (Permalink)

Four of our green dry machines drying the flood damage in this room Our air movers along with our dehumidification equipment quickly lowers the humidity to avoid further damage to the property.

Flood Damage In El Centro Could Be Caused By Contaminated Moisture

During this time of year, storms can blow into the El Centro region and cause high-speed winds and excessive amounts of rainfall to riddle your neighborhood. When the rain accumulates outside of your house, it can cause muddy H2O to enter your structure. When the water is murky, there is a good chance it is contaminated so it gets classified as a category three problem that is treated the same as sewage backups.

Whenever the source of your flood damage situation in El Centro is muddy or "black" water, our SERVPRO technicians follow a standard set of procedures to mitigate issues so that the contamination does not spread across your building. The first step we take is to protect the building occupants from the contaminated H2O by evacuating you and your family and equipping our workers with personal protection equipment. Next, we establish engineering controls by setting up a containment chamber with a HEPA air scrubber so that contaminants cannot spread to previously unaffected areas of your structure.

After the worksite is deemed safe and the affected areas get properly contained, our SERVPRO crew can begin removing and disposing of unsalvageable building materials and contents. During category three problems, most porous materials that got saturated with contaminated moisture must be removed and replaced. In some situations, we can save affected items that have non-porous surfaces by cleaning and decontaminating them.

To start, our SERVPRO team can use a vacuum equipped with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA filter to suck up any loose dirt or drywall debris. Next, we clean all of the affected materials with an industrial water-based cleaning solution using a rag. However, since decontamination cannot take place through cleaning procedures alone, we then take further steps to decontaminate the affected items. This next step can involve applying an antimicrobial and antibacterial chemical product such as sporicidin. We accomplish storm damage decontamination by putting the product in a pump sprayer and spraying it onto the contaminated surfaces.

If you ever notice muddy, contaminated H2O coming into your house after a rainstorm, it is wise to call SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City at (760) 337-5858 immediately. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Restaurar Después de Una Inundación Es Mucho Mas Que Una Limpieza En El Centro

1/17/2020 (Permalink)

Dos piezas de equipo verde en un pasillo de una casa. ¡Confíe en la compañía con la tecnología y el equipo para restaurar su hogar del daño del agua!

Nuestro Equipo Tiene Lo Necesario Para Restaurar el Daño del Agua

Los aguaceros torrenciales pueden no ser la norma durante esta época del año, pero los patrones climáticos continúan sorprendiéndonos cada año. Tanto las empresas como los propietarios de viviendas sienten las consecuencias de los fenómenos meteorológicos inesperados, y la preparación es fundamental para mitigar su daño. Cuando considera escenarios de daños por incendio o inundación, es esencial considerar no solo los preparativos de emergencia, sino también los mejores servicios a los que recurrir una vez que comience la fase de restauración. Identificar compañías de renombre antes que la emergencia ocurra le permite ahorrar tiempo y dinero cuando necesite restaurar su hogar a su estado original.

Cuando su emergencia es un daño por inundación en El Centro, SERVPRO es una parte esencial de su plan de restauración. Nuestro equipo está disponible 24/7 para llegar a su hogar y evaluar el daño. Nuestro objetivo es hacer que su hogar vuelva a su estado original y, al mismo tiempo, minimizar su costo en tiempo y dinero. Las inundaciones implican peligros específicos para su salud debido a las bacterias que transportan a su hogar. Con esto en mente, identificamos y eliminamos rápidamente los elementos que absorbieron microorganismos para evitar su proliferación en su hogar. Las mejores prácticas de la industria guían nuestros pasos y nos permiten eliminar los elementos y materiales contaminados según las recomendaciones y regulaciones ambientales.

A medida que avanzamos en limpiar y desinfectar su hogar, tenemos en cuenta la coordinación de los servicios que necesita como propietario. Cuando ocurren emergencias, es posible que deba involucrar a los ajustadores de seguros, contratistas y otras entidades locales para completar el proceso de restauración. Nuestro equipo SERVPRO está listo para ayudarlo en este proceso para que su hogar vuelva a la normalidad lo antes posible. Con este fin, documentamos cuidadosamente nuestros pasos y el alcance del trabajo para que pueda usarlo como referencia según sea necesario.

SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City es mucho más que un servicio de limpieza. Los propietarios de viviendas pueden confiar en nosotros para ser sus socios en todos los aspectos restauración de daños por agua. Llámenos al (760) 337-5858 incluso antes de que ocurra la emergencia para que sepan cómo juntos podemos dejar su casa, como que nada hubiera pasado.

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Our Skilled Crew Is Here To Help After A Flood In El Centro

1/12/2020 (Permalink)

storm caused damage “Like it never even happened.”

Restoration After Flood Damage in El Centro is More Than Just Cleaning Up

Torrential downpours may not be the norm during this time of year, but weather patterns continue to surprise us each year. The consequences of unexpected weather events are felt by businesses and homeowners alike, and preparation is critical to mitigating the damage. When you consider scenarios of fire or flood damage, it is essential to look not only to emergency preparations, but also the best services to call upon once the restoration phase begins. Researching reputable companies in anticipation of an emergency lets you save time and money when you need to return your home to pristine condition.

When your emergency is flood damage in El Centro, SERVPRO is an essential part of your restoration plan. Our team is available 24/7 to arrive at your home and assess the damage. Our goal is to bring your home back to its original condition while minimizing your cost in time and money. Floodwaters pose specific dangers to your health due to the bacteria they carry into your home. With this in mind, we quickly identify and remove items that absorbed microorganisms to thwart their proliferation throughout your home. Industry best practices guide our steps and allow us to dispose of contaminated items and materials by environmental recommendations and guidelines.  

As we go about the business of cleaning and disinfecting your home, we keep in mind the coordination of services you need as a homeowner. When emergencies happen, you may need to involve insurance adjusters, contractors, and other local entities to complete the restoration process. Our SERVPRO crew is ready to assist you in this seamless process, so your home is back to normal as soon as possible. To this end, we carefully document our steps and scope of work so you can use it as a reference as needed.

SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City is much more than a cleanup service. Homeowners can rely on us to be their partners in all aspects of the restoration process. Call us at (760) 337-5858 even before the emergency takes place so you may learn how together we can leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

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Aprende Qué Hacer Después de Daños por Inundación En Su Hogar

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

Equipo verde de SERVPRO configurado para secar una habitación de una casa. La colocación del equipo acelerará el proceso de secado y ayudará a reducir la cantidad de daños causados por el agua.

Que Hago Con Mis Documentos Mojados?

Los residentes de El Centro viven ansiosos en lo que a la Madre Naturaleza se refiere. Incendios, inundaciones y terremotos todos nos mantienen alerta y listos para actuar. Por mucho que la comunidad se una para prevenir estos desastres, ellos son generalmente inevitables y nos dejan sin una pista de cómo restaurar nuestros hogares.  Prepararse para los distintos escenarios posibles es lo más que podemos hacer para proteger nuestros hogares y retornar a la vida habitual lo antes posible. Esta preparación incluye el identificar los servicios professionales en el área que pueden ayudarnos cuando llegue el momento.

Si, por ejemplo, su casa en El Centro es víctima de una inundación repentina, usted puede contar con SERVPRO para que esté a su lado. Tomando en cuenta las restricciones impuestas en el área y las consideraciones de seguridad, comenzamos a trabajar tan pronto no hay un riesgo inminente, por lo cual lo invitamos a llamarnos tan pronto pueda.  Una simple llamada le da acceso a un grupo de técnicos especializados con la experticia y equipo necesarios para devolver a su hogar a su condición original, dejando a la inundación atrás.

Cuando el torrente de agua es un problema, es importante entender que el proceso de restauración va mas all de la extracción y secado de sus pertenencias.  Un esfuerzo coordinado entiende las necesidades de los elementos estructurales de su hogar, al igual que aquellos objetos que requieren cuidados especiales.  Nuestra cuadrilla de SERVPRO entiende estas peculiaridades. Por ejemplo, secar sus libros y documentos requiere técnicas especializadas que incluyen congelar al vacío e incentivar la sublimación del agua.  En palabras sencillas, nuestros técnicos intentan congelar el agua y llevarla a la vaporización sin pasar por un estado líquido. Numerosas variables influyen en el momento de seleccionar la técnica correcta y puede ser un proceso costoso y largo. Sin embargo, hay documentos y libros de valor incalculable que merecen la inversión.

SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City es mucho más que un servicio de extracción de agua. Nuestra experticia radica en saber cómo atacar sus necesidades específicas después de una inundación repentina. Llámenos al (760) 337-5858 para más información y déjenos trabajar para que su casa quede como que nada hubiera pasado.

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We Know How To Tackle Your El Centro Flood Damage

12/4/2019 (Permalink)

A room with debris and a celling falling out after a storm blew through This room had lots of debris and ceiling falling out and our team had the special equipment necessary to get the room back to pre-storm conditions.

What to do With My Flooded Documents?

Residents of El Centro are now always anxious as far as Mother Nature is concerned.  Fires, floods, and earthquakes all heighten our sense of awareness and keep us on our toes.  As much as we work as a community to prevent these disasters, they are often inevitable and leave us at a loss in our path to restoration.  Preparing for the different scenarios a weather event can pose is about all we can do to keep our homes safe and to restore them to normal soon after disaster strikes.  Preparation includes research of professional services in your area that you can call once it is time to restore your home.

If, for example, your El Centro home is subject to flash flood damage, you can count on SERVPRO to be by your side.  Being mindful of area-wide restrictions and safety precautions, we start to work as soon as it is safe to do so, and we encourage you to give us a call as soon as possible.  A simple phone call gives you access to specialized technicians with the expertise and equipment necessary to bring your home to mint condition and make the flash flood a memory.

When flood damage is an issue, it is crucial to understand that the restoration process goes beyond extracting water and drying your personal belongings.  A thorough effort includes understanding the structural integrity of your home as well as specialized drying needs. Our SERVPRO crew understands these nuances.  For example, drying your books and documents requires special techniques, including air drying, vacuum freeze-drying, and vacuum thermal drying. Drying documents involves vaporizing the accumulated water in a way in which it goes from solid (frozen) to vapor without becoming liquid.  Several variables come into play when selecting the best document restoration technique, and it tends to be a time-consuming and costly process. However, priceless documentation may warrant investment.

SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City is much more than a water extraction service.  Our expertise lies in knowing how to tackle your specific needs after your home floods.  Call us at (760) 337-5858 for more information and let us work with you to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

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¿Es Esto Realmente una Inundación?

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO sabe lo importante que puede ser el daño causado por las inundaciones debido a una tormenta en su hogar.

Sabemos Los Pasos Correctos para Cuidar de su Hogar

Los daños por inundación no implican necesariamente que su hogar ha sido llevado por la corriente en medio de desperdicios y contaminación. También puede suceder cuando algún árbol cae sobre su techo y deja su casa expuesta a los elementos del clima, permitiendo asi que el agua entre a su hogar. Aunque suene inverosímil, todos somos vulnerables a pequeñas inundaciones tan pronto caigan lluvias torrenciales o suba el nivel del agua en la zona. Estar preparado para lidiar con las consecuencias del agua en la casa hace el proceso de restauración más eficaz y puede minimizar las perdidas.

Cuando usted encuentra que la naturaleza está entrando en su casa en Brawley en forma de inundación, llámenos y deje que SERVPRO preste su servicio experto. Nuestros servicios están disponibles todo el dia los siete días de la semana con tan solo hacer una llamada. Nuestra cuadrilla se desplaza a su hogar y tras verificar que no hay peligro inminente, empieza a tomar los pasos necesarios para restaurar su propiedad.

El agua que está entrando a su casa probablemente traiga contaminación junto con ella. Nuestro equipo de SERVPRO se enfoca en remover los objetos que han sido saturados con el agua y deshacerse de ellos de acuerdo a las normas ambientales. Estos objetos pueden incluir muebles, tapicería y demás materiales porosos. Al removerlos evitamos la propagación de microorganismos a consecuencia de la inundación.

Simulataneamente nos enfocamos en extraer el agua y devolver la humedad a niveles aceptables. Para lograr este objetivo aplicamos recomendaciones de la industria y utilizamos equipos professionales, incluyendo-
-estaciones de bombeo montadas sobre nuestros camiones
-extractores sumergibles
-circuladores de aire

Estos son tan solo ejemplos de las herramientas que tenemos a nuestro alcance para restaurar su hogar. Nuestros expertos de SERVPRO determinan sus necesidades específicas y aplican la técnica correcta para solucionar el problema.

Una inundación puede ser traumatizante, aun cuando no es catastrófica. SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City es su aliado en este momento tan crítico. Llámenos al (760) 337-5858 y permítanos dejar su hogar como que nada hubiera pasado.

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SERVPRO Assists with Storm Damage Cleanup and Insurance Claims

5/16/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Advises El Centro Property Owners to Always Have Flood Insurance Coverage

Documenting the Flood Damage Affecting Your El Centro Home and Contents 

Some areas in El Centro can experience flooding because of already saturated ground, changes in the terrain from road and building construction, or other reasons that trap rainfall near homes. Not all flooding takes over an entire home, although the flow does carry debris with it as far as it enters into a house. When such events happen, documentation of the damage by a third party can help in your family's recovery.

At SERVPRO, we help families in El Centro make sense of the aftermath related to flood damage. We have the experience needed to restore the things damaged by flooding and get your home back into shape, “Like it never even happened.” While we do this, we place different items from inside your home into several categories.
We make detailed reports of the flood damage that destroyed parts of your home, as well as any of the contents that show damage. We can restore many of the belongings, if needed, at our facility, saving you the cost and trouble of replacing affected items. Moving these contents also provides us with additional space to clean, and with large-scale flooding, might provide additional benefits to our customers.
Items that seem intact and undamaged can remain so if we place these in out of the way locations. We do not list these as they do not impact your insurance claims. We list the rest of the items based on how well we can restore that article. Some require only minimal effort, and others require specialists. We partner with various experts in other fields, ranging from electronics to household appliances to fragile textiles. Our network of experts makes recovering happen more smoothly and with fewer losses.
Some items become so damaged during a flood that the restoration becomes very unlikely. We have our customers review these before we dispose of them, and when a customer requests, we attempt to restore specific items because of their value to the owner; we do our best at such efforts. Documenting our work on the Content Claims Inventory Service (CCIS) on a room-by-room basis assists you with your insurance claim.
Heber, Calexico, and Imperial residents can rely on the flood damage specialists at SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City. Contact our services line at (760) 337-5858 when you want your family's recovery after a disaster to happen quickly, and with the guidance, our professionals can provide.

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Some Small Changes that Will Have a Huge Impact on Your El Centro Flood Damage Situation

4/14/2019 (Permalink)

In the event that flooding and associated debris affects your home, contact the IICRC certified remediation specialists at SERVPRO to remediate.

SERVPRO is Part of Your Emergency Plan in El Centro

Even the best homeowners in El Centro are powerless when facing a flood. There is virtually no way for you to stop the water from coming into your home, but you can be ready for its aftermath. Understanding the ramifications of a flood can be extremely useful in making plans for the restoration of your home. Knowing whom to call to help you make the plan and execute it is just as important.

Homeowners facing flood damage in El Centro can count on SERVPRO during their time of need. Returning your home to its original condition goes well beyond extracting water from the premises. Our pumps of varying sizes can handle extraction jobs without much trouble, but knowing how to address the water-saturated contents of your home, and a possibly weaker structure, takes an expert team.

A crucial difference between water damage from a broken pipe and that caused by a flood is that floodwaters are filled with organisms and waste that can put your health in jeopardy. Our SERVPRO team makes use of industry-grade disinfectants to prevent further spread of bacteria and quickly removes any belongings that are not salvageable. Carpets, insulation and other porous materials fall under this category, and our expert team handles their disposal in compliance with environmental regulations.

Our SERVPRO crew also knows that drying your home does not mean eliminating humidity. Each surface has a natural balance. For example, drying the hardwood floor in your living room is not the same process as drying the tiles in the bathroom, and our Green Fleet knows the difference and how to act. By using advanced technology to monitor the progress of each material we complete the job without causing further damage, such as excessively drying the wood elements in your house. Our long-standing expertise lets us achieve this delicate balance in the environment of your home.

SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City is part of your restoration plan. Just call us at (760) 337-5858 and let our expertise help leave your home "Like it never even happened."

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If Your El Centro Home Experiences A Flash Flood, Our Crew Is Here To Help!

4/5/2019 (Permalink)

Give us a call anytime at (760) 337-5858.

Flash Flooding And The Damage It Can Cause El Centro Homes

Flash flooding is a scenario that can occur without any warning and affect many El Centro homes simultaneously. With the threat of both the forceful entry of the water into your property and the potential contaminants and bacteria that the water can carry with it, addressing this disaster must happen swiftly by qualified and IICRC-certified technicians. With a 24/7 response to flooding and water loss emergencies, our professionals can ensure that every customer gets the effective and efficient mitigation and recovery solutions their property needs no matter when disaster strikes.

While you might not get prepared for the flash flood damage that can occur in your El Centro home, the right professional response can help to limit the spread of these effects throughout your home. While in many cases, flash flooding damage can instantly compromise exposed materials and even structural elements, stopping the spread of this floodwater can protect unaffected areas of your home from also requiring tear out and replacement by our rapid response team.

From the time that our SERVPRO team first arrives at your home, we get to work immediately on assessing the scope of the damage. Because we arrive with the full measure of our extraction and rapid drying equipment, our technicians can start extracting standing water with our initial visit. From our truck-mounted and gas-powered pumps to portable options like sump pumps and wet-vacs, we have every level of extraction equipment to handle any degree of loss incident inside your house.

Once the excess water has gotten removed, our team can begin to assess what materials and surfaces have become affected by the floodwater. Controlled demolition can carefully remove exposed materials, leaving unaffected portions of these materials installed. This process can maximize the efficiency of reconstruction and build back efforts and later restoration by our SERVPRO professionals.

While flash flooding can affect many homes throughout the area simultaneously, our large loss recovery SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City team can handle widespread damage with our broad inventory of recovery equipment and a large roster of IICRC-Certified technicians. Give us a call anytime at (760) 337-5858.

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Our Flood Damage Specialists Can Save Your El Centro Home

3/21/2019 (Permalink)

Whenever disaster strikes, you can count on our SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City water restoration specialists.

How Professional Flood Restoration Saves El Centro Residents Money

While many El Centro homeowners might see the merit in professional restoration, few can understand how choosing this route for flood effects can save them money. It may be tempting to restore and repair your home when posed with widespread damages; this might not always be as cost-effective and beneficial as it seems. There are many reasons that our professional restoration services can save you money.

After the flood damage has occurred in your El Centro home, you get your first look at the widespread effects and begin to formulate a plan of putting everything back to the way it used to be. Our SERVPRO professionals have a fast response to emergencies, no matter what time they occur, so no customer waits for quality mitigation work that can protect their property from substantial damage that ultimately requires reconstruction and costlier restoration work.

One of the ways that professional restoration like our technicians provide can save you money is through our experience with disasters. Many homeowners lack the knowledge to provide their property with the intricate cleanup and drying that is necessary to prepare it for the restoration work to come. Without removing the pressing risks of lingering moisture, the home gets opened up to potential secondary effects like mold growth, not to mention a persistent structural degradation from saturated materials.

Another cost-effective reason to choose our SERVPRO team over DIY cleanup is how much costlier this process becomes when done the first time incorrectly. Without a thorough extraction, drying, and cleanup, your home remains at risk for further damage. When these damages inevitably occur, they are going to be costlier to repair and restore than it would have been initially.

Flood damage can occur from many potential sources, but without effective mitigation and restoration, your home remains at risk of continual damage that becomes costlier and costlier to recover. Whenever disaster strikes, you can count on our SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City water restoration specialists. Give our crew a call anytime at (760) 337-5858.

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¿Tiene daños por inundaciones? SERVPRO tiene la solución.

10/26/2018 (Permalink)

Tenemos el equipo adecuado para ayudar a restaurar su casa.

Las Consecuencias de una Inundación en su Hogar

No siempre se pueden anticipar los efectos que un desastre pueda tener en su hogar en Yuma y muchos dueños de casa subestiman las graves consecuencias que pueden resultar. Su hogar fácilmente puede ser la víctima de eventos como inundaciones y padecer los efectos desgarradores que un fuerte volumen puede ocasionar. Nuestra experiencia y personal altamente calificado son la clave en solventar las situaciones que surgen después de un evento inesperado.

Muchos residentes de Yuma se concentran exclusivamente en el agua que ha entrado a su casa cuando evalúan el daño causado por una inundación, pero esto en realidad no es suficiente. Si bien es cierto que el agua dentro de la residencia debe ser extraída lo más pronto posible, muchos otros daños pueden haber ocurrido a la estructura inclusive antes de la rápida respuesta de nuestro personal de SERVPRO.

La extracción del agua es una parte muy importante en mitigar daños más graves y minimizar la necesidad de restauración profunda. Sin embargo, sacar el agua es sólo el comienzo cuando se buscar revertir todo el daño causado. Nuestros técnicos no sólo se enfocan en la cantidad de agua, sino que también se concentran en identificar contaminación química, pesticidas, aguas residuales y otros entes en descomposición (como animales) que puedan estar presente en su hogar. Nuestro entrenamiento específico a la eliminación de productos con alto riesgo biológico le asegura a usted que podemos identificar y solucionar el peligro rápidamente, contribuyendo asi al bienestar y la salud de su familia.

Además de los residuos que se pueden encontrar en una inundación, también prestamos atención a los escombros que trae el agua corriente, tales como ramas, piedras, desperdicios y restos de otras estructuras que hayan colapsado en el área. Nuestro equipo SERVPRO lo ayuda no sólo a eliminar el agua, sino a limpiar la suciedad y sedimentos que puedan haber quedado en su estela.

Empresa Local Con Recursos Nacionales

Las inundaciones pueden afectar su hogar de muchas maneras y ninguna es simple. Nuestro personal de SERVPRO de El Centro/Salton City está aquí para ayudarlo en su momento de angustia. Nuestro equipo de emergencia está preparado para prestar una respuesta rápida a su llamada y devolver su hogar a su estado original tan pronto sea posible. Contáctenos hoy al 760.337.5858 y permítanos demostrarle cómo nuestro equipo dejará su casa como que nada hubiera sucedido.

Para más información sobre la ciudad de Yuma, haga clic aquí

Water Flooding in Yuma!! SERVPRO Gets Rid of It--Fast

10/23/2018 (Permalink)

Yuma Homes and Businesses Rely on SERVPRO for Post Storm Damage Water Extraction and Clean Up

The Many Ways Flooding Can Affect Your Yuma Home

You cannot always account for the effects of a disaster on your Yuma home, though many homeowners do not fully understand how widespread damages can be. With substantial water loss incidents like flooding, your home is at the mercy of high volumes of water and anything that this formidable force brings along with it into your home. Overcoming these effects takes trained and experienced restoration specialists like ours.  

Many homeowners consider the water inside of their Yuma home sums up the flood damages that affect their residence in an occurrence like this, but that is far from the case. While this water does require immediate extraction to prevent the situation from getting worse, many damages have already occurred to your residence even with the rapid response of our SERVPRO professionals to get to the scene.

Our extraction efforts are often part of helping to mitigate the loss to your residence and help to limit the time and scope that restoration takes to complete. However, removal of this water is only the beginning to returning your home to preloss condition. One of the points that our technicians are most concerned about when dealing with flooding is the possibility of contaminations like chemicals, sewage, pesticides, or even decomposing materials like animal carcasses. Our training in biohazard cleanup can ensure that these situations are accurately diagnosed and sufficiently resolved immediately, mitigating health threats to your family.

Another concern that can come along with rushing flood waters is debris like sticks, tree limbs, rocks, garbage, and the contents of other buildings or homes in the area. Our SERVPRO team can help you to not only remove the water but to clean up the mess it leaves behind entirely.

Flooding can affect your home in many ways, and none of them can be easy for a homeowner to contend with on their own. Our SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City emergency response team can arrive quickly and help you to get things back to the way they once were. Give us a call today at (760) 337-5858 so we can show you how our team can make flood damage seem “Like it never even happened.”

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Summer Storm-Related Flood Damage In Brawley Unexpected But Devastating

7/9/2018 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO team will work around the clock to help get your home back to preloss condition.

Flood Damage in Brawley Homes Can Happen When You Least Expect it

In an area of the country that averages rain only 13 days out of the year, flooding due to storms in Brawley can catch homeowners by surprise. Periodic scenarios develop in the area where heavy rains do trigger flash flooding, with roads and parking areas covered, driving dangerous, and some of the flood waters find their way into homes. If yours is one of these dwellings, we can help.

A difference between Brawley flood damage due to broken plumbing or malfunctioning appliances and the harm caused by storm-derived flooding is the characteristics of the water. Although any water in the lower levels of your property causes significant problems, especially if not decreased quickly, the water that enters via overland flooding is frequently contaminated before it even reaches and breaches your foundation. Our technicians receive training not only in water removal and structural drying but also in how to evaluate categories of water and safely contain and dispose of it.

The water entering due do flash flooding can contain an almost unimaginable range of substances along with the rain. Lawn chemicals, insecticides, roadway debris, and human and animal waste might be in the mix. If storm drains are overwhelmed, it is likely sewer backups into your home are possible. SERVPRO technicians are familiar and experienced with these complications, skilled in protecting you and your family from the contaminants.

Experts term water as gray or black when contaminated, and flood waters often qualify as the most dangerous, or black. The presence of blood and fecal-borne pathogens due to raw sewage is particularly worrisome. Our SERVPRO crew removes the black water with pumps and high-efficiency extractors. We contain the fluid and dispose of it according to local code in deference to your and the public’s health and well being.

Once we evacuate the standing water, the crew lead determines drying goals based on moisture metering of structural components. Drying commences employing correctly positioned air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers. Because of the risk posed by the contaminants in the flood water, SERVPRO applies EPA registered disinfectants to treat surfaces. This inhibits mold growth as well as sanitizing the areas.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Contact SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City immediately if flash flooding fills your foundation or crawl space. Speed is crucial to successful flood remediation, so we respond at (760) 337-5858 24/7, every day of the year.

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Daño De Inundaciones Relacionado Con Tormentas De Verano en Brawley, Inesperado Y Terrible

7/9/2018 (Permalink)

Nuestros técnicos de SERVPRO de El Centro / Salton City están disponibles si necesita nuestros servicios.

SERVPRO Puede Ayudar Tu Casa En Brawley Si Tienes Problemas Causado Por El Agua

En un área del país donde solo llueve 13 días al año, las inundaciones debido a las tormentas en Brawley pueden sorprender a algunos propietarios. Las inundaciones repentinas y las inundaciones dentro de las casas ocurren debido a estas lluvias. Si el agua de estas lluvias ha entrado a su hogar, podemos ayudarlo.

La diferencia entre el daño causado por inundaciones en Brawley debido a tuberías rotas o el mal funcionamiento de los aparatos y el daño causado por las inundaciones derivadas de tormentas son las características del agua. Aunque cualquier tipo de agua causa problemas a su hogar, el agua que entra por las inundaciones terrestres casi siempre está contaminada. Nuestros técnicos reciben entrenamiento no solo en eliminación de agua y secado estructural, sino también cómo evaluar las categorías de agua y cómo deshacerse de ella de manera segura.

El agua que ingresa debido a inundaciones repentinas puede contener una gama de sustancias casi inimaginable. Los productos químicos para el césped, los insecticidas, los desechos del camino y basura de humanos y animales podrían estar en la mezcla. Los técnicos de SERVPRO están entrenados y tienen experiencia con estas complicaciones para protegerlo a usted y a su familia de los contaminantes.

 Los expertos califican el agua como gris o negra cuando están contaminadas, y las aguas de inundación a menudo califican como las más peligrosas, o negras. La presencia de sangre y agentes patógenos transmitidos por las heces debido a las aguas residuales sin tratar es particularmente preocupante. Nuestro equipo de SERVPRO elimina el agua negra con extractores de alta eficiencia. Una vez que evacuamos el agua, la tripulación determina los objetivos para secar la área. Debido al riesgo que representan los contaminantes en el agua de la inundación, SERVPRO aplica desinfectantes registrados por la EPA para tratar las superficies. Esto inhibe el crecimiento de moho y desinfecta las áreas.

Empresa Local Con Recursos Nacionales

Póngase en contacto con SERVPRO de El Centro / Salton City de inmediato si una inundación repentina llena su hogar. Una respuesta rápida es crucial para una remediación exitosa de inundaciones, por lo que respondemos al (760) 337-5858 24/7, todos los días del año.

Para más información sobre la ciudad de Brawley, haga clic aquí.

Resources For Flood Damage To Your Calexico Home

6/18/2018 (Permalink)

Water flooded this bathroom causing damage to the ceiling and floor.

SERVPRO can help after finding flood damage in your home

Even in the arid climate of Calexico, your home is at risk of flooding. Whether it is a flash flood after a rare but not unheard of thunderstorm and downpour, or the result of broken plumbing or a malfunctioning appliance, or a sewer backup, the damage to your house due to large quantities of water can be severe. We have the technicians, training, and equipment to remediate the damage.

A broken water heater or washing machine in your Calexico utility room can inflict severe flood damage. Until the shut-off valve engages, hundreds or more gallons of water can continue to flow through a broken pump or out a crack or loose connection. If this type of emergency occurs when everyone is off to school or work, you might come home to a crisis, the lower levels of your home and many of your possessions swimming. Expect our high-quality flood restoration team to arrive fast and with the resources to handle the problem.

Upon arrival, our crew lead assesses the scenario and designs an appropriate plan. The first order of business is water removal, and SERVPRO accomplishes this with our truck-mounted water extractors and submersible pumps. Often power is temporarily unavailable in the flooded area, but our equipment can operate from generators present on our vehicles. We evaluate the contamination level of the water and follow applicable rules for containment and disposal if required. Once water removal completes, we use EPA registered disinfectants to sanitize the flooded space.

The IICRC training our employees receive, prepares them to measure moisture in the structural components of your home accurately. We also scan for hidden water collected in recesses and take steps to release and remove that water. As the water evacuates, we use the baseline readings to establish drying goals for your property. SERVPRO crews position air movers and dehumidifiers to reduce moisture to normal levels.

SERVPRO also can help inventory and pack out any possessions waterlogged by the flood. This can be important when filing an insurance claim, and also helps you make informed decisions about which articles benefit from advanced drying techniques and which should be discarded. We have resources for advances in drying techniques such as freeze-drying for documents that save many items you might have believed were lost.

SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City is ready and able to help if a modern convenience becomes an instrument of water destruction. Call us at (760) 337-5858 day or night for flood damage remediation.

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2 Instances When a Flood Cut Is Necessary

1/18/2018 (Permalink)

Extreme flooding can leave you with a basement in a state of disarray. To get the room back to normal, a professional team from El Centro, CA, can attempt a tear out known as a flood cut. This is when the team removes a portion of your drywall, usually 12 inches above where the water damage ends. While it is not necessary in every single case, most homeowners will find a flood cut to be highly advantageous.

1. When the Water Is Contaminated

When your home has been flooded with normal, clean water, the team may not have to cut out any part of the drywall. However, flood water can carry various hazardous substances, including

• Raw sewage
• Fecal matter
• Chemicals
• Other forms of contamination

Flooding with these substances can result in a variety of health problems, and it may mean parts of the walls need to go. It is the only way to ensure the pathogens are removed from the building entirely. This most often occurs when the inside of a house has been flooded from the sewer line. Anything the sewage touches needs to go.

2. When the Walls Have Insulation Behind Them

If your basement walls do not have any insulation behind them, then the professionals may be able to dry the other side of the walls with a technique known as injectidry. This is when small holes are drilled into the wall and the experts use them to carefully dry the interior. However, if there is insulation, then a flood cut is necessary. It is practically impossible to dry insulation, so the walls will need to go to get the insulation out from the area.

When it comes to extreme water damage, professionals sometimes need to resort to drastic measures, but it is to ensure your house is safe to inhabit. If your house in El Centro, CA, ends up flooding, then you can ask the experts what they would recommend for your specific scenario.

Visit SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City at for more information about storm restoration.

Corrosion Due to Water Damage

11/3/2017 (Permalink)

Corrosion Due to Water Damage

Water is one of the most corrosive substances on the planet. Whatever material it comes into contact with it immediately begins to soften and break down. Wood, iron, steel, plaster, cotton, polyester, and every other kind of fabric are all vulnerable to the accumulation of large pools of water. The flooding of your is more than a mere inconvenience. It is a clear and direct threat to the integrity of your house. River flooding, storm damage, wind damage, roof damage can all lead to the uncontrolled pouring in of water into your home. If that happens, you must take immediate action to stem such dangerous tides, such destructive flooding.

A storm remediation and water restoration company is the one call in the aftermath of river flooding, storm damage, wind damage, roof damage. A water restoration company employs professionals who are trained and equipped to deal with the consequences of river flooding, storm damage, wind damage, roof damage. A flood pump, infrared sensors, high-end drying equipment and special chemicals and solvents are among the many tools they will bring to the scene of the damage.

The priority will be to stop the leakage. The storm remediation and water restoration team that responds to the call you have put in will employ a number of devices, including a flood pump, to stop the further of your home. Once this has been taken care of, the water will need to be pumped out. Water restoration experts possess a range of powerful, high-end pumps to get the water out of your home quickly and safely. This will clear the way to the drying process.

River flooding, storm damage, wind damage, roof damage will have left a tremendous amount of water as well as dampness and even mildew. These must be dealt with immediately, as they can be the most degrading effect of flooding. The flood water that comes as a result of flooding will do tremendous damage to your floors, carpets, walls and furnishings. Once the accumulated water has been reduced and pumped out of the house, with a flood pump, the extreme moisture left on the various items in your home will need to be eliminated. Otherwise, they will continue to eat away at them until they have been completed destroyed.

A solid and well-executed home restoration plan is the only answer to flooding and flood water. It is the only means of reclaiming your home after it has been deluged with flood water. The professionals employed by storm remediation and home restoration companies are the only ones who will possess the equipment to both remove the water from your home and help you restore it to its former condition. The latter is your ultimate goal and must be attacked with gusto.

Flood water, roof leak, the rising of ground water, hurricane damage—these can all be sorted out by home restoration companies that specialize in water-related incidents. You need not be concerned that the flood water that has invaded your home has caused irreparable damage. You can reclaim your home and make a new beginning regardless of roof leak, the rising of ground water, and hurricane damage. The team from the professional home restoration company you work with will use a flood pump and other devices to get the water out and to dry your home.

A roof leak, the rising of ground water, or hurricane damage will not only cause damage to your home that you can see; they may also cause damage that you cannot see. That is why the company you work with will need to employ infrared sensors to examine the infrastructure of your home and evaluate its integrity. Regardless of the severity of the roof leak, the rising of ground water, or hurricane damage, you will get the help you need to recover your home.

Storm remediation and restoration companies are also able to help with hail damage, ice damage, frozen pipes, ice dam, and ice damming. These can present serious dangers to your home and they should be dealt with by people who possess the knowledge, skill, and experience to do the job effectively the first time. If you are plagued by hail damage, ice damage, frozen pipes, ice dam, and ice damming, then you need only call out professionals to help you with it. This is the best option. It is certainly preferable to hiring amateurs or trying to do the job yourself. Incidents of hail damage, ice damage, frozen pipes, ice dam, and ice damming may leave damage that you cannot readily see. Only specialists will have the equipment and training to ensure that you are able to fully recover from hail damage, ice damage, frozen pipes, ice dam, and ice damming.

Among the many jobs performed by restoration companies are roof repair, storm restoration, and storm remediation. If your home has been lashed by the high winds of recent storms, then you should call out people who know how to carry out roof repair, storm restoration, and storm remediation. Not doing so can leave you even more vulnerable. Only the people who are well-trained in the job should be allowed to do roof repair, storm restoration, and storm remediation.

If your home has been severely damaged by flooding, ice, hurricanes, or other such phenomena, then you should rely on experts in roof repair, storm restoration, and storm remediation.
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Why You Should Call A Professional After A Flood

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Why You Should Call A Professional After A Flood

Once the floods subside, you might not know where to start. The only way to determine the cost of restoration is to eliminate the water from your flooded home. The flood damage will take its toll on the floor as well as the drywall, meaning that you must get rid of the water in home surfaces as soon as possible. If the water in business storage tanks starts to leak, it can cause some unsightly discolorations on the ceiling. Drying a home will also include eliminating the moist air through the ventilation system. As you start the drying process, eliminate all the contaminants in your home with the appropriate disinfectants.

Undertake a water cleanup before drying
Eliminating the foul water from the drains and sewer is vital if you want to restore the freshness in your home. Before you start drying the home, get rid of the rotten pieces of wood. If some sections of the floor in your flooded home have started to warp, discard them as well. By drying the surfaces as soon as possible, you can minimize the cost of home restoration since you can prevent the water in home floors from causing further deterioration of the wooden surfaces. As you dry the surfaces, remember to give your home a water cleanup. Cleaning up the water in home floors and walls can reduce the moisture that contributes to the disintegration of various building materials. In addition, flood mitigation can help to prevent the water in home reservoirs from getting to the floor.

Inspect the plumbing system in your flooded home

Inspecting the water reticulation system will help you to identify the supply line breaks and repair them before they start causing problems. As such, the prospect of pumping the water in home verandahs can be quite difficult for many homeowners. Even if you think that the supply line break is a trivial issue, you should not ignore it. Leakages can cause huge problems that might become costly to amend in the future if you do not act quickly. However, a pipe break can cause extensive damage when the water starts to leak. If you have a pipe break within a wall, you might have to break a portion of the wall to expose the supply line break. If you do not have the skills or gear to undertake such operations, you should leave it to the professionals. If the water in business channels is not flowing, you are likely to experience some flooding problems during a storm.

Mitigation also involves inspecting the water reservoirs

As the restoration company inspects the pipe break, it is vital to look at the reservoirs. Poorly constructed water reservoirs can cause leakages in your building. Many businesses have large reservoirs of water for their daily needs. If you have water in business floors, you should remember to inspect the plumbing system as you deal with the floods. As such, drying the home fast is a sure way to cut the cost of home restoration since you will salvage some building materials. The water in business trenches should flow smoothly during a storm. Before you start cleaning up the mess, be sure to address the source of the problem.

Minimizing the flood damage

If there is flood damage in the basement, the restoration company will investigate the possibility of a supply line break. While you can use a vacuum to extract a small amount of water, a flooded home will require professional intervention to address the problem. Beware of the risk if electrocution in your flooded home. The water damage professional has the pumps you need to eliminate the water. In some cases, you might have to dig some trenches to facilitate the flow of water. The water damage consultant will prevent the water from lingering around the entrance since it can seep into the foundation. Repairing the foundation cracks is a sure way to reduce the flood damage in your property.

Flood mitigation

Mitigation is a key part of the water damage restoration. As you undertake the water cleanup, check out for other signs of water damage such as rot or mold development. Repairing the pipe break can save the restoration company some time and effort during the water cleanup. The restoration company will undertake a comprehensive study of your home’s vulnerability to floods.
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Tips for Choosing the Right Water Damage Restoration Company

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Tips for Choosing the Right Water Damage Restoration Company

Broken sewerage systems, plumbing technicalities, and floods can cause serious water damage to a home or a commercial building. As a homeowner or a manager of a commercial building, it's prudent to consider hiring the services of professional water damage remediation services to prevent the damage from escalating and causing even further damages like mold buildup or collapsing of the entire building. Furthermore, such damages can cause problems to your wiring system and affect other expensive appliances like the air conditioning unit. Time is crucial when it comes to responding to flood damage. If the flood damage is not resolved as soon as possible it might lead to other substantial losses that will definitely be too costly to replace or repair. The only ideal step to take is to hire a professional water cleanup service provider to restore the mess. Here are a few tips and guidelines on how to choose the best professionals for the job.

Certifications and Accreditation

Although the mitigation process is supposed to commence as soon as possible, it doesn't mean that due diligence shouldn't be followed. Don't just hire anyone who claims to be certified and experienced in offering flood damage restoration services in the neighborhood without verifying the certifications and accreditation. In fact, a credible water cleanup contractor should have specializations in other fields such as plumbing and wiring so as to disconnect and connect broken pipes to restore the water damage satisfactorily. The contractor should have accreditation documents from relevant bodies like the Better Business Bureau.

Hire experienced professionals who have handled water damage mitigation situations that are even worse than the current flood damage problem. Experienced professionals have a good reputation. A good start is to ask friends and close family members for referrals of some of the reputable water damage restoration professionals in the neighborhood who can handle comprehensive drying.


Remember, proximity is an issue here, therefore don't hire contractors who will take several days to get to your home when it has started developing mold. Mold and fungus can start developing on the site after two days. If the home or commercial building gets a mold manifestation, it may require that the building owner hires a mold removal company on top of the water damage restoration expenses. Some valuable possessions and furniture can get damaged if not salvaged in good time. Therefore, hiring professional contractors from the locality is a good idea.

Insured and Bonded

To avoid unnecessary lawsuits in case of any unexpected eventualities during the water in a home or water in a business drying process, it's advisable to hire insured and bonded water in home or water in business removal companies. The water mitigation company's insurance policy will cover for any accidents or damages caused to the neighboring buildings or their occupants.

Tools and Equipment

The tools and modern equipment used by the water cleanup companies in removing the water in home or water in business are so expensive. Most businesses or homes can't afford to buy the expensive drying equipment necessary for the drying of the water for personal use. It's necessary to inquire about the type of equipment that the water in home or water in business Restoration Company will use in the water cleanup before signing any contract papers. Sometimes usage of certain equipment is prohibited in some residential estates.

The water removal company professionals should also wear protective gear such as gloves and masks when handling contaminated water from broken sewerage systems so as to avoid cross contamination. Ask the water in home or water in business Restoration Company to recommend any necessary repairs that should be conducted on the building after the restoration project.
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Solving Flood Damage in Your Home

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Dealing with Flood Damage in Your Home or Business:

If your structure is affected by water damage, you must take the right steps to solve the problem. Whether you are dealing with monsoon rainwater flooding or another source, you must begin to dry out the house (or structure) as you start assessing the overall damage. Once the water dry-out is accomplished the restoration process and procedures can begin.  First, let's continue our discussion about flooding.

Dealing with flood damage:

The mitigation process begins by pumping out, or vacuum extracting the standing water. Next comes the installation of restorative drying equipment. While drying the walls and floors is a time-consuming venture (usually 3 to 5 days) it's the only way to prevent the potential development of microbials and molds; getting the structure dry has to be accomplished before building repairs can begin. 

Drying the Internal Surfaces and Structural Materials:

• Dry out the carpets to reduce elevated interior moisture
• Force dry air into the building to expedite the drying and evaporation process
• In dry climates such as Yuma, and when safe, improve the drying process by opening the windows and doors to vent moisture 
• Lookout for stagnant water in buildings with crawlspaces