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El Centro Businesses Can Deal with Commercial Losses and Biohazardous Cleanups by Calling SERVPRO

12/11/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial El Centro Businesses Can Deal with Commercial Losses and Biohazardous Cleanups by Calling SERVPRO For Real Commercial Cleanup in El Centrol Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Disinfecting Your Retail Building

Biohazard Cleanup for Sewage Backup at an El Centro Gas Station

Your El Centro gas station requires constant maintenance and upkeep with the higher volume of customers coming in to purchase convenience items and use the facilities. The trouble with not being able to monitor these restrooms within the building as often as you might like is the possibility of someone attempting to flush something that a toilet and sewage disposal system cannot handle. Contending with the backup of sewage in your building is nothing that an employee or owner should do on their own, our trained professionals can help to overcome this hazardous situation quickly and safely.

When you first discover sewage backup in one of the restrooms of your El Centro gas station, the best practice to follow is to get customers out of the building and to seek the help of biohazard professionals as promptly as possible. With the likelihood of the situation getting worse without the appropriate steps getting taken, you do not want to risk the possibility of the sewage spreading throughout the store. Our SERVPRO professionals can not only work to contain and quarantine the affected area of your building but efficiently work to clean up and disinfect all of the exposed areas.

With sewage, much of the exposed materials and structural elements can quickly become irreparably damaged. Without the means to completely disinfect certain materials used in flooring or drywall, the most cost-effective and efficient solution is to remove these damaged elements and replace them with new and unaffected materials to complete the restoration.

These conditions are particularly hazardous due to the contaminants, bacteria, and other threats found in sewage. Our SERVPRO professionals get uniquely trained in full-body personal protective equipment to keep them safe while we clean up the mess, disinfect the area, deodorize the environment, and work efficiently through the remaining steps that allow you to reopen your station to your customers.

Biohazards can not only threaten the safety of the customers and employees of your gas station but also pose a significant risk to the structural integrity of the affected areas as well. Give our SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City rapid response team a call to help today at (760) 337-5858.

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SERVPRO Cleans and Disinfects El Centro Properties after a Sewage Blockage

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO SERVPRO Cleans and Disinfects El Centro Properties after a Sewage Blockage Why Call in SERVPRO for a Blockage in El Centro--Because Your Property Will Be Safe and Sanitary

Cleanup After Sewage Backup in Your El Centro Home

Your El Centro home can get threatened very quickly and with little warning. Hazardous conditions like sewage backing up into the house can present an immediate health risk to the occupants of the house but also require urgent attention to keep the situation from getting worse. Our team has the experience and availability to provide fast responses to emergencies like these with the training in biohazard cleanup to make a difference quickly.

Sewage backup cleanup for your El Centro home is critical as the situation continues to get worse without the appropriate intervention of trained professionals like ours with the tools to assess the situation and clean up the mess. As a homeowner, your concerns are the cleanliness of the affected surfaces and materials after an incident like this, but our SERVPRO team has advanced technology, equipment, and training to thoroughly clean, disinfect, deodorize, and restore affected areas of the property.

There are often contaminants, bacteria, and other hazards present in raw sewage backing up into your home. Whether from a septic tank or a city sewer line, pathogens are always present in this black water. Our technicians have unique training in biohazard cleanup to utilize the appropriate personal protective equipment and use the right tools to clean up the area quickly. Affected materials exposed to the contaminated water must often get removed and later replaced with new materials. The framework of the affected areas must get thoroughly dried to ensure that no moisture persists. With present bacteria likely in the lingering moisture, mold growth or potential health effects could result from inadequately dried materials.

Our SERVPRO team has deodorization equipment like our thermal foggers to help remove the nasty odor left behind by the sewage backup. While many of the exposed soft materials have gotten removed from the area, those that remain can also get deodorized with the use of this thermal fogging equipment.

Sewage is nothing that a homeowner should attempt to remove or handle on their own. Give our experienced SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City biohazard team a call right away to help you resolve this emergency at (760) 337-5858.

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Yuma Property Owners Love SERVPRO's Cleanup Techniques and Results

11/19/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Yuma Property Owners Love SERVPRO's Cleanup Techniques and Results Rely on Professional Fire Loss Cleanup from SERVPRO in the Yuma Area, Leave the Ashes to Us!

Professional Fire Damage Cleaning Strategies In Your Yuma Home

When a fire upsets your daily life in Yuma, it can be very tempting to try a cleanup yourself. Although some items can be restored after a fire using ordinary cleaning methods, the residues left after a fire often require expert attention, including specific methods and specialized products. Do-it-yourselfers might find that the damage done by non-professional cleaning approaches spread and smear soot and fail to eradicate corrosive substances, allowing damage to continue.

Engaging the services of our trained and IICRC certified technicians guarantees the use of industry best practices when cleaning up the fire damage to your Yuma home. Our experienced team assesses the damage done by the fire, which can vary from space to space within your home depending on the materials fueling the blaze. Our plan accounts for these variations, matching cleaning products and techniques for the best results.

For example, many fires start in the kitchen, burning food and accelerated by grease. SERVPRO experts know that this type of protein fire results in a thin but hard to remove coating on all surfaces. We use effective cleaning solvents and appropriately abrasive tools to gently yet thoroughly loosen the lacquer-like soot so we can wipe it away.

If the kitchen fire spreads to other living areas materials combusted can include paper and books, a lighter, ashy soot deposits in these areas. Our SERVPRO crew brush and vacuum this residue, following a protocol that contains the debris and uses HEPA filters to clear the air of persistent particles that otherwise would recoat surfaces

Fabrics like curtains and linens can do a slow smolder, depositing a sticky coating that requires a spray & wipe approach. SERVPRO seeks environmentally friendly cleaners that use wetting agents and surfactants to break the bonds of this thick soot, allowing us to scrub it away. Our specially formulated cleaning agents work very well.

Some items are difficult to clean because of crevices and intricate detailing. Our SERVPRO production facility offers specialized cleaning methods such as immersion tanks exercising ultrasonic action to dislodge soot without damaging the articles. When we partner with you to restore your fire-damaged home and possessions prepare to be amazed at the results our production technicians deliver. Items you feared ruined often return to preloss condition after our services.

SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City offers residents in our community professional assistance to return fire-damaged premises to “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call at (760) 337-5858 day or night after the firefighters release your home back to you. 

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A Primer on Water Removal for Your Yuma Home

11/14/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage A Primer on Water Removal for Your Yuma Home SERVPRO uses specialized equipment for water removal.

The Benefits of Contacting SERVPRO’s Water Removal Experts In Yuma

Did you know that one of the most significant issues regarding improper water removal in your Yuma home is mold growth? Homeowners that neglect to take immediate action or mishandle water removal can often experience unnecessary damages, lowered property values, or even severe risks to their health. No one wants to be that person, so take this opportunity to understand more about what the benefits of contacting a professional can be.

Yuma area water removal technicians handle a variety of situations every day. A quality company sends trained personnel that understands the categories of water damage and how they affect your property. If you are concerned that the source of your problem is anything other than pure, you need IICRC-certified professionals, like those offered at SERVPRO, who can help to handle and correct the situation quickly.

The first water category involves dealing with water coming from a clean or sanitary source. A broken water supply line, toilet tank, or water heater burst all fall into this category. However, just because the source was initially clean, does not mean that with time, the water cannot become contaminated. The second category involves contaminants from an overflowing washing machine, toilet, or dishwasher while the third consists of exposure to black water, better known as sewage.  Time, temperature, and contact have a substantial impact on water categories.

SERVPRO technicians always take the time to explain what is happening on your property in detail. We want you to see the problem for what it is and understand what needs to happen to get things under control. Each category of water is different and something you should understand before a problem ever occurs on your property.

SERVPRO understands which actions to take to handle water removal around drywall, insulation, framing, flooring, and even your sub-floor. We use a variety of hand-held and truck-mounted water extractors, as well as dehumidifiers, hygrometers, negative airflow machines, and air movers to control the environment in your home after exposure.

The technicians at SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City make themselves available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to perform quality services throughout our local community. (760) 377-5858

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SERVPRO Advice and Information Regarding Water Damage in Yuma

11/2/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO SERVPRO Advice and Information Regarding Water Damage in Yuma Protect your windows to prevent water damage.

Water Damage Around Windows in Your Yuma Home Can Warp Window Frames

Water comes into your Yuma home from many different sources. Showering and cooking both use water and produce steam. Moisture that enters the air in the form of water vapor can find its way to other locations in your house and cause problems. When water seeps in around windows during storms or as water vapor escapes from your home, it can affect the frames and make them difficult to open or close.

Homes should always have secure windows to prevent unwanted activity, but windows in Yuma properties with water damage can become difficult for you to close securely. Circumventing this problem by installing a dehumidifier can help immensely. Installing exhaust fans can prevent the flow of water vapor away from bathrooms and the kitchen before water vapor would ever reach a dehumidifier. These must have the proper ventilation system installed, as well, to push the humid air out of your home correctly.

When SERVPRO technicians encounter warped window frames, we address the situation by eliminating any excess humidity that exists and then testing the materials in the frame for the amount of moisture content. Depending on the damage, we might be able to restore the frames. Many times, we can only restore a portion of the frames in a home that exhibit this problem. Others may require the installation of a replacement window. With some luck, we can extract the moisture, reduce the size of the warping, and seal the window frame with caulk. However, your family's security is crucial to your peace of mind and knowledge that they are safe in your home.

On the opposite end, windows that members of your family can barely open become a severe hazard in the event of a fire or a wish to improve indoor air quality. Needing to escape a burning home when the windows are stuck can create panic and additional trauma for your family. Restoring these or replacing them where needed can keep everyone safe.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City wants everyone in Brawley, Heber, and Calexico to live in homes with safe, functional windows that do not create risk. You can contact us by calling (760) 337-5858, where you can speak with one of our staff about the problems water damage can create.

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Consejos e Información de SERVPRO para Daños Causados por el Agua en Yuma

11/2/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Consejos e Información de SERVPRO para Daños Causados por el Agua en Yuma Protege tus ventanas para evitar daños por agua.

Daños Causados por el Agua en su Hogar en Yuma Pudieran Deformar sus Ventanas

Su hogar en Yuma pudiera verse afectado por el agua por distintas razones. Por ejemplo, el uso diario del agua en baños y cocinas produce vapor de agua. La humedad ambiental en forma de vapor de agua puede asentarse en su casa y causar problemas también. Filtraciones alrededor de sus ventanas causadas por lluvia o por la condensación del agua pueden afectar los marcos de sus ventanas y hacerlas difícil de abrir o cerrar.

Las ventanas del hogar siempre deben estar seguras para evitar riesgos, pero las ventanas de propiedades en Yuma que han sufrido daños causados por el agua pueden tener dificultades al cerrarse. Una manera de ayudar a solucionar el problema es la instalación de un deshumidificador. La instalación de ventiladores y escapes de vapor en zonas como baños y cocinas puede ser incluso más efectivo para evitar la necesidad de instalar deshumidificadores más adelante. Claro está que los sistemas de ventilación deben estar instalados correctamente para expulsar la humedad de su hogar de manera adecuada.

Cuando el personal de SERVPRO se encuentra con marcos de ventanas afectadas, comenzamos a manejar la situación eliminando cualquier exceso de humedad que se detecte. Esto lo hacemos contando con mediciones precisas de los niveles de humedad en los marcos de dichas ventanas. Dependiendo de la magnitud del daño, quizás podramos restaurar el marco de la ventana a su estado original. Muchas veces sólo podemos restaurar una parte del marco debido a la extensión del problema; otras veces es necesario instalar una nueva ventana. Con un poco de suerte, podemos extraer la humedad, minimizar la deformación y sellar de nuevo el marco de la ventana con el sellador apropiado. Sin embargo, resguardar la seguridad de su familia y su tranquilidad es nuestra prioridad.

El caso contrario, cuando las ventanas son muy difíciles de abrir, es igual de riesgoso. Si su familia no puede abrir una ventana, su vida corre peligro en caso de un incendio a la vez que no puede gozar de los beneficios del aire circulante. No poder escapar de un incendio debido a que la ventana está atascada es una razón muy válida para que su familia sienta pánico y ansiedad. Restaurar y reparar las ventanas es un paso muy importante para resguardar la seguridad de su familia.

Empresa Local Con Recursos Nacionales

SERVPRO de El Centro/ Salton City está para servir a los habitantes de Brawley, Heber y Calexico y para asegurarse que todos sus hogares cuenten con ventanas funcionales que no representen un riesgo innecesario para usted o su familia. Puede contactarnos al 760.337.5858 para conversar con un miembro de nuestro personal sobre los daños que el agua puede ocasionar.

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¿Tiene daños por inundaciones? SERVPRO tiene la solución.

10/26/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage ¿Tiene daños por inundaciones? SERVPRO tiene la solución. Tenemos el equipo adecuado para ayudar a restaurar su casa.

Las Consecuencias de una Inundación en su Hogar

No siempre se pueden anticipar los efectos que un desastre pueda tener en su hogar en Yuma y muchos dueños de casa subestiman las graves consecuencias que pueden resultar. Su hogar fácilmente puede ser la víctima de eventos como inundaciones y padecer los efectos desgarradores que un fuerte volumen puede ocasionar. Nuestra experiencia y personal altamente calificado son la clave en solventar las situaciones que surgen después de un evento inesperado.

Muchos residentes de Yuma se concentran exclusivamente en el agua que ha entrado a su casa cuando evalúan el daño causado por una inundación, pero esto en realidad no es suficiente. Si bien es cierto que el agua dentro de la residencia debe ser extraída lo más pronto posible, muchos otros daños pueden haber ocurrido a la estructura inclusive antes de la rápida respuesta de nuestro personal de SERVPRO.

La extracción del agua es una parte muy importante en mitigar daños más graves y minimizar la necesidad de restauración profunda. Sin embargo, sacar el agua es sólo el comienzo cuando se buscar revertir todo el daño causado. Nuestros técnicos no sólo se enfocan en la cantidad de agua, sino que también se concentran en identificar contaminación química, pesticidas, aguas residuales y otros entes en descomposición (como animales) que puedan estar presente en su hogar. Nuestro entrenamiento específico a la eliminación de productos con alto riesgo biológico le asegura a usted que podemos identificar y solucionar el peligro rápidamente, contribuyendo asi al bienestar y la salud de su familia.

Además de los residuos que se pueden encontrar en una inundación, también prestamos atención a los escombros que trae el agua corriente, tales como ramas, piedras, desperdicios y restos de otras estructuras que hayan colapsado en el área. Nuestro equipo SERVPRO lo ayuda no sólo a eliminar el agua, sino a limpiar la suciedad y sedimentos que puedan haber quedado en su estela.

Empresa Local Con Recursos Nacionales

Las inundaciones pueden afectar su hogar de muchas maneras y ninguna es simple. Nuestro personal de SERVPRO de El Centro/Salton City está aquí para ayudarlo en su momento de angustia. Nuestro equipo de emergencia está preparado para prestar una respuesta rápida a su llamada y devolver su hogar a su estado original tan pronto sea posible. Contáctenos hoy al 760.337.5858 y permítanos demostrarle cómo nuestro equipo dejará su casa como que nada hubiera sucedido.

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Water Flooding in Yuma!! SERVPRO Gets Rid of It--Fast

10/23/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Water Flooding in Yuma!! SERVPRO Gets Rid of It--Fast Yuma Homes and Businesses Rely on SERVPRO for Post Storm Damage Water Extraction and Clean Up

The Many Ways Flooding Can Affect Your Yuma Home

You cannot always account for the effects of a disaster on your Yuma home, though many homeowners do not fully understand how widespread damages can be. With substantial water loss incidents like flooding, your home is at the mercy of high volumes of water and anything that this formidable force brings along with it into your home. Overcoming these effects takes trained and experienced restoration specialists like ours.  

Many homeowners consider the water inside of their Yuma home sums up the flood damages that affect their residence in an occurrence like this, but that is far from the case. While this water does require immediate extraction to prevent the situation from getting worse, many damages have already occurred to your residence even with the rapid response of our SERVPRO professionals to get to the scene.

Our extraction efforts are often part of helping to mitigate the loss to your residence and help to limit the time and scope that restoration takes to complete. However, removal of this water is only the beginning to returning your home to preloss condition. One of the points that our technicians are most concerned about when dealing with flooding is the possibility of contaminations like chemicals, sewage, pesticides, or even decomposing materials like animal carcasses. Our training in biohazard cleanup can ensure that these situations are accurately diagnosed and sufficiently resolved immediately, mitigating health threats to your family.

Another concern that can come along with rushing flood waters is debris like sticks, tree limbs, rocks, garbage, and the contents of other buildings or homes in the area. Our SERVPRO team can help you to not only remove the water but to clean up the mess it leaves behind entirely.

Flooding can affect your home in many ways, and none of them can be easy for a homeowner to contend with on their own. Our SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City emergency response team can arrive quickly and help you to get things back to the way they once were. Give us a call today at (760) 337-5858 so we can show you how our team can make flood damage seem “Like it never even happened.”

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How Remediation Companies Remove Water From Your Yuma Stationery Business

10/8/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial How Remediation Companies Remove Water From Your Yuma Stationery Business Mold damage can occur when water is not properly removed. SERVPRO can remove the water and prevent secondary damage.

We Offer Reliable Commercial Water Removal Services in Yuma

Dealing with excess water from a pipe burst inside the office of your stationery business can be a very stressful situation. The best way to cope with the problem is to contact qualified professionals like us immediately. We train our crews to work fast to prevent structural damages and to reduce damages to the contents of your business. Our team can pack-out items such as card-stock, calendars, staplers, staples, sticky notes, white-boards, and adhesive tape to prevent them from getting wet. They can also remove any furniture inside the structure such as desks, tables, chairs or display cases.  

Our SERVPRO commercial water removal team in Yuma can quickly clear items from your stock or back rooms as well as from the main showroom such as cash registers and products on shelves. You can trust us to categorize everything we take from the structure and to keep them in a secure area on or off-site until we complete the job. Plus, you can rely on the crew to work fast to eliminate standing water from the affected areas. Techs may use portable or truck-mounted extractors or pumps and vacuums to migrate all excess water from the shop.  

After our technicians eliminate the water from the building, they can employ industrial-grade air movers or axial fans to dry the structure. Dehumidifiers, which enhance evaporation, may also be used to speed up the drying process. We understand that you need your shop to be in full operation to make a living. It is the goal of our efficient team to extract water and to clear contents quickly so that you can reopen your business as soon as possible and get back to serving your loyal customers.  

Our skilled SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City commercial water restoration teams are ready to go and can help. If you have a water emergency and want to get back in business fast, contact us 24/7 at (760) 337-5858. When possible, we can return your business to its preloss condition.

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Become Familiar With How Materials Burn in Yuma During a Fire

10/7/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Become Familiar With How Materials Burn in Yuma During a Fire After a fire on your property, contact SERVPRO for effective remediation services and great results.

How Understanding the Theory of Fire Helps During Fire Damage Restoration in Yuma 

We hope you are at an advanced stage of learning how to handle disasters such as fire damage this National Preparedness Month (NPM). It is all about knowing that disasters are inevitable, and when they happen, we have to act correctly to prevent additional damage and restore our properties to their preloss state. Some of the essential things that all Yuma residents should be aware of include: making and practicing the developed plan, learning lifesaving skills, checking your coverage, and saving for emergencies.
To effectively restore your property after a fire damage experience in Yuma, you need to work with professionals who have a good understanding of the theory of fire. Our SERVPRO technicians understand the impact that smoke, fire, and heat have on your property during combustion. Knowing how the various smoke components behave during a fire helps us to determine what is salvageable and if necessary to explain to customers and insurance adjusters the procedures we perform during the restoration process.
As materials burn, they break down and combine with oxygen, and the process gives off heat. For combustion to take place, heat, oxygen and the material to burn should be present. When the three have a perfect balance, no residues can result. So, it means smoke and soot residues form when there is incomplete combustion, as a result of the components not being in balance. Though the gaseous component of smoke is invisible, it is the small particles of carbon - unburned materials - that get suspended in the air and make it visible.
Soot is the smoke which has settled on surfaces, and it can form different types of acids once it combines with the air's humidity or the fire-extinguishing liquids. Some materials can corrode or discolor when they get in touch with acidic soot residues. Our SERVPRO technicians also understand that such a mixture can form unpleasant odors and compromise the quality of air. By using thermal foggers and ULV foggers, we can perform deodorization to neutralize the odor-causing agents.
SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City can help you control soot, smoke, and related damages after a fire damage event. Call us at (760) 337-5858 and learn more about our commercial and residential restoration services.
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