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No Todos Los Incendios Son Iguales- Deje que SERVPRO lo Guíe

3/13/2020 (Permalink)

Gabinetes de cocina dañados por un fuego. Simplemente llámenos al (760) 205-3044 y deje que nuestros expertos salgan de su casa, "Como si nunca hubiera pasado".

Fuego en Tu Hogar en El Centro

Todos somos susceptibles a los incendios en nuestros hogares. En un abrir y cerrar de ojos un accidente puede suceder si es que no tenemos cuidado. Un incendio puede ser el resultado de una vela desatendida o una barbacoa situada demasiado cerca de las ramas de un árbol, y las consecuencias lo pueden dejar abrumado. Una vez que los bomberos apagan las llamas usted tiene que descifrar cómo exactamente va a restaurar el daño causado por el fuego y por los agentes utilizados para extinguirlo. 

Nuestro equipo de SERVPRO está certificado para ayudarlo a combatir los daños causados por incendio en su hogar en El Centro. Nuestros técnicos son certificados por IICRC para lidiar con estas situaciones y estudian el camino de las llamas y el humo. Entender el proceso de combustión nos permite entender el camino que tenemos que tomar para eliminar el hollín y humo que dejo en su estela. Entender la diferencia entre la quema de materiales naturales y sintéticos nos ayuda a personalizar un plan de acción especifico a sus necesidades. 

Mitigar sus pérdidas siempre es el horizonte de nuestro equipo de SERVPRO. Esta protección es es la razón por la cual aplicamos las soluciones de limpieza basados en el tipo de superficie que estamos limpiando para evitar más daños. Por ejemplo, cuando se queman materiales naturales tales como la madera, el residuo es muy fino y se deposita en superficies porosas como la tapicería. Si al limpiar aplicamos agua, el daño se agrava al penetrar aún más la superficie. Nuestro equipo pone mucho cuidado en entender la superficie, el tipo de residuo y en hacer una prueba antes de aplicar la solución de limpieza a cabalidad. Esta rigurosa metodología nos ayuda a prevenir pérdidas subsecuentes y a proteger sus pertenencias. 

El daño causado por el fuego puede ser abrumados, pero usted puede controlar su alcance con un buen plan de restauración. SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City está aquí las 24 horas del día, 7 días a la semana cuando sucede la emergencia. Solo llámenos y déjenos dejar su casa como que nada hubiera pasado. 

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We Have Advanced Equipment To Restore Your El Centro Home After A Flood

3/11/2020 (Permalink)

Four of our green dry machines drying the flood damage in this room Our air movers along with our dehumidification equipment quickly lowers the humidity to avoid further damage to the property.

Flood Damage In El Centro Could Be Caused By Contaminated Moisture

During this time of year, storms can blow into the El Centro region and cause high-speed winds and excessive amounts of rainfall to riddle your neighborhood. When the rain accumulates outside of your house, it can cause muddy H2O to enter your structure. When the water is murky, there is a good chance it is contaminated so it gets classified as a category three problem that is treated the same as sewage backups.

Whenever the source of your flood damage situation in El Centro is muddy or "black" water, our SERVPRO technicians follow a standard set of procedures to mitigate issues so that the contamination does not spread across your building. The first step we take is to protect the building occupants from the contaminated H2O by evacuating you and your family and equipping our workers with personal protection equipment. Next, we establish engineering controls by setting up a containment chamber with a HEPA air scrubber so that contaminants cannot spread to previously unaffected areas of your structure.

After the worksite is deemed safe and the affected areas get properly contained, our SERVPRO crew can begin removing and disposing of unsalvageable building materials and contents. During category three problems, most porous materials that got saturated with contaminated moisture must be removed and replaced. In some situations, we can save affected items that have non-porous surfaces by cleaning and decontaminating them.

To start, our SERVPRO team can use a vacuum equipped with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA filter to suck up any loose dirt or drywall debris. Next, we clean all of the affected materials with an industrial water-based cleaning solution using a rag. However, since decontamination cannot take place through cleaning procedures alone, we then take further steps to decontaminate the affected items. This next step can involve applying an antimicrobial and antibacterial chemical product such as sporicidin. We accomplish storm damage decontamination by putting the product in a pump sprayer and spraying it onto the contaminated surfaces.

If you ever notice muddy, contaminated H2O coming into your house after a rainstorm, it is wise to call SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City at (760) 337-5858 immediately. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Fire In Your El Centro Home

3/6/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged property Just call us at (760) 337-5858 and let our experts leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Not All Fires in Your Home are the Same - Let SERVPRO Walk You Through It

We are all vulnerable to fire damage to our homes. In just the blink of an eye, an accident can happen if we are not cautious. A fire can be the result of a candle left unattended, or a barbecue grill placed too close to overhanging branches, and the consequences can leave you feeling dismayed. Once firefighters put out the flames, you need to figure out how exactly to restore the damage caused by the fire and by the extinguishing agents used to put it out.
Our SERVPRO team is certified to help you address fire damage to your home in El Centro effectively. Our IICRC-certified technicians prepare for these situations by studying and understanding the path each fire and smoke takes. Understanding the ignition process lets us draw our path to eliminating the smoke and soot the fire leaves in its wake. Knowing the difference between synthetic and natural burning materials helps us tailor an action plan suited to your specific needs.
Mitigating your loss is always at the core of what our SERVPRO crew does. This protection is why we apply cleaning solutions based on the surface we are cleaning, which helps avoid further damage. For example, when natural materials burn, such as wood, the residue is very fine and settles deep into porous surfaces like upholstery. If cleanup efforts include water, you run the risk of sinking the residue even further into the porous surface and causing further damage. Our team takes great care in identifying the surface and the type of residue as well as testing cleaning solutions before full application. This rigorous methodology prevents extended losses and the preservation of your belongings.
Fire damage can be disruptive, but you can control the extent of the damage with well-designed restoration techniques. SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City is here to help 24/7 when an emergency happens. Just call us at (760) 337-5858 and let our experts leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

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When Water Damages Warehouses in El Centro

2/18/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment being used in commercial property No matter the scope of your water loss, SERVPRO can restore your property.

Precautions for Water Removal in El Centro Warehouses 

As the owner of a bustling El Centro warehouse, you handle the goods for your company in a steady stream of incoming and outgoing orders. As highly tuned as this procedure has become over the years of operation, disasters can still occur that limit the production of your facility and can potentially damage these stored wares. In addition to the threat standing water presents to stocked boxes and pallets, several other concerns exist regarding extraction. 

Water removal for your El Centro warehouse is a critical mitigation element when our SERVPRO team first arrives at your facility. However, extraction and other relative emergency services can create unexpected hazards. Anticipating these setbacks to the restoration process can help our team to return your building to the preloss condition efficiently. 

Structural Weaknesses 

The presence of excessive water in the offices and non-open-air areas of the warehouse can compromise the structural integrity of exposed materials. Absorption into ceiling and wall materials can lead to these surfaces becoming too heavy to and collapsing. Flooring other than the finished concrete throughout most of the facility can also be a point of concern for overexposure and weakening. 

Slips and Fall Hazards  

Though the extraction process is one of the primary focuses of the SERVPRO team responding to the water loss, finished concrete flooring and other smooth surfaces can make slipping and falling easy. Whether these are employees still attempting to work around the worsening water loss or our responding technicians, careful extraction and drying can limit the potential slip hazards. 


When material removal is necessary for effective extraction and evaporative drying techniques, hidden asbestos-containing products can get uncovered and disturbed with controlled demolition techniques. Given the severity of these concerns and any exposure to fibers circulating in the environment, our SERVPRO abatement team can remove these threats appropriately. 

Removing standing water from areas of your warehouse should happen as quickly as possible. Our SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City team can arrive with premier water removal tools, but also a working knowledge of the best solutions to address potential problems as they arise. Give us a call anytime at (760) 337-5858. 

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El Calor No Es Suficiente Para Remover Las Aguas Estancadas

2/17/2020 (Permalink)

Dos motores verde de aire en una pequeña habitación. Confíe a nosotros y nuestro equipo para deshacerse de todo tipo de daños causados por el agua.

SERVPRO Tiene La Habilidad para Eliminar de Manera Adecuada y Efectiva el Agua Estancada de su Hogar en El Centro

Cuando piensa que su hogar está en peligro de un evento de agua, puede imaginar la devastación de las inundaciones repentinas, donde los escombros y el lodo se abren paso a través de su hogar. Por abrumadora y real que pueda ser esta amenaza, en realidad, puede enfrentar daños por agua de una fuente más pequeña que igual lo deja con la necesidad de un equipo professional para resolverlo. Incluso una pequeña fuga puede causar un daño tremendo si el agua se deja desatendida durante un período de tiempo significativo.

Si necesita servicios de eliminación de agua para su hogar en El Centro, puede contar con SERVPRO para guiarlo a través del proceso de restauración y dejar su hogar en perfecto estado. Muchos propietarios no se dan cuenta de que el agua puede causar estragos en los elementos estructurales de su hogar, incluso cuando no el agua no sea de gran caudal. El aumento de humedad puede filtrarse en los materiales de construcción, incluidos los pisos y las paredes, y comprometer la integridad estructural de su casa. Esto es particularmente cierto para los pisos de madera y otros materiales orgánicos y porosos que absorben la humedad y terminan por deformarse o deformarse bajo estas condiciones. Si este es el caso en su hogar, nuestros técnicos saben cómo abordar el problema para minimizar el daño. Estamos orgullosos de contar con las certificaciones del Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), lo que implica un marco teórico para dar forma a nuestro plan de acción y lograr resultados óptimos.

El exceso de humedad no es tan simple como parece. El propietario común tiende a intentar secar el área con calentadores y ventiladores, pero eso puede no ser suficiente. Por el contrario, la eliminación excesiva de agua puede causar otros problemas en su hogar. Mientras que la evaporación es clave para el proceso, no puede lograrse de manera agresiva. En cambio, nuestro equipo de SERVPRO adopta un enfoque gradual utilizando técnicas avanzadas para configurar los equipos que fomentan el secado en un área específica a la vez que protegen el resto de su hogar. Mediante el uso de tecnología de punta de nuestra industria, controlamos los niveles de humedad hasta que alcanzan la lectura óptima para su hogar. Nuestro enfoque metódico nos prepara para el éxito y nos permite preservar sus pisos y paredes tanto como sea posible.

SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City es sinónimo de ayuda professional cuando más la necesita. Llámenos al (760) 337-5858 y permítanos aplicar nuestro conocimiento y experiencia para su beneficio. Juntos, podemos trabajar para dejar su hogar "Como que nada hubiera pasado."

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We Are The Best Choice For Your El Centro Fire Damage Restoration

2/12/2020 (Permalink)

A burnt kitchen stovetop after a fire We will respond quickly to your fire damage emergency. Our experts have the equipment, training, and experience to restore your home.

The Convenience of Professional Fire Damage Restoration in El Centro

There is nothing convenient about fire damage loss. The cleanup and restoration process that follows can be tiresome. Hiring a professional restoration team such as SERVPRO can help ease the burden by handling the wide variety of tasks needed to return the property to its preloss state.

Proper Disposal

It is common for debris and other wastes to accumulate at the loss site after fire damage in El Centro. Although removing such materials from the property is difficult, proper disposal can prove even more problematic. Wastes range from large solid items, liquids, and even hazardous materials. Disposal challenges can range from separating these materials, packaging them, transporting them, or finding suitable disposal grounds. Our SERVPRO technicians have various resources to help overcome these challenges. We have the equipment to chop down larger items, facilitating easier removal. We also bring packaging materials such as heavy-duty plastic bags and trashcans to the loss site easing collection and sorting of waste materials.

Health Protection

Fires are known to cause injuries or other health problems if they occur when the property is occupied. However, even after they are extinguished, the damage left can have adverse effects on those who venture into the property. When our SERVPRO crews handle the restoration of your fire-damaged property, we take steps that ensure your wellbeing is protected. A step such as ventilation of the affected area using axial air movers helps remove suspended particulate matter in the air that can cause respiratory issues if left unchecked. We also check or replace power cables since heat can melt the insulators leading to short circuits.

Restoring comfort

In addition to the physical fire damage left by the fire, other problems develop that reduce the level of comfort in the fire-damaged property. The bad odor emanating from charred materials, and the smoke residue is one such problem. Our SERVPRO technicians take steps to deodorize the property removing or masking unpleasant smells to ensure a comfortable stay. Processes such as ULV and thermal fogging help ensure the deodorizers reach all the areas.

Restoring a fire-damaged property to its preloss state is a great achievement. Call SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City at (760) 337-5858 to help fix the damage, "Like it never even happened."

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Heat is Not Enough to Remove Standing Water

2/5/2020 (Permalink)

Water on floor under door Water damage in your El Centro home? Call the professionals at (760) 337-5858. We are available 24/7.

SERVPRO Has The Tools and Skill to Properly and Effectively Remove Standing Water from Your El Centro Home

When you think about your home being on the receiving end of a water event, you may picture the devastation of flash floods, where debris and sludge make its way through your home.  As overwhelming and real as this threat can be, in reality, you may face water damage from a smaller source that still leaves you in need of a professional team to sort it out. Even a slight leak can cause tremendous damage if the water is left standing for a significant amount of time. 

If water removal services are needed for your El Centro home, you can count on SERVPRO to guide you through the restoration process and leave your home in top shape.  Many homeowners do not realize that water can wreak havoc on the structural elements of your home, even when it is not the result of a torrential stream.  The increase in moisture levels can seep into your building materials, including floors and walls, and compromise their integrity. This is particularly true for hardwood floors and other organic and porous materials that absorb the added humidity and end up warping or buckling under the new environment.  If this is the case in your home, our technicians know how to address the issue to minimize the damage. We are proud to boast certifications by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), which implies a theoretical framework to shape our action plan and achieve optimal results.

Excess humidity is not as simple as it sounds.  The average homeowner typically attempts to dry the area with space heaters and fans, but that may not be enough.  On the contrary, excessive water removal may cause other problems in your home. Whereas evaporation is key to the process, it is not an aggressive process. Instead, our SERVPRO crews take a gradual approach utilizing advanced techniques to set up the heating elements that encourage drying in a specific area while protecting the rest of your home.  By using industry-specific measuring tools, we monitor moisture levels until they reach the optimal reading for your home. Our methodical approach sets us up for success and lets us preserve your floors and walls as much as possible.

SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City is akin to professional help when you most need it.  Call us at (760) 337-5858 and let us apply our knowledge and expertise for your benefit.  Together, we can work to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

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How SERVPRO uses Dehumidifiers to Dry Your El Centro Home

1/28/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO dehumidifier in water damaged room This is one of our low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers that we use to speed the drying process.

Dehumidifiers Play A Role in Water Removal in El Centro

Several different mishaps can cause building materials and contents inside your house in El Centro to get wet. Once items in your home start retaining moisture, it is wise to get water removal conducted by professional restoration technicians such as SERVPRO. The first step we take is to extract any H2O present while it is still a liquid. Once the moisture spreads across your structure, it starts to soak into your possessions and structural components.

After we extract your house during the water removal process in El Centro, our SERVPRO technicians then begin the applied structural drying or ASD process. During this phase, we attempt to create an environment inside your house that speeds up the natural evaporation and drying process. We can often accomplish establishing such an atmosphere by setting up a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers. We place air movers so that they push air towards your wet walls at a 45-deree angle and create circulation in a counterclockwise motion. The dehumidifiers then work towards pulling moisture from the air and dispensing it into a liquid while exhausting out warm, dry air to be used in the circulation created by the air movers.

Dehumidifiers create dry air that gets pushed towards wet surfaces so that the air acts like a sponge and speeds up evaporation. We always set up the dehumidifiers towards the center of the water damaged area. We then make sure the drain hose on the machines is clear and appropriately secured.

When operating a dehumidifier, we make sure that air movers are not pushing air directly onto the coils. We also make sure to shut all of your doors and windows because dehumidifiers work best in enclosed areas. The process works by the machines drawing wet air across cooler metal coils. Once the wet air hits the cold coils, condensation occurs, and the water turns back into a liquid.

If you ever notice wet building materials or contents inside your residence, call SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City at (760) 337-5858 24/7. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Fire Damage Causing Smoke Odors in Your Brawley Home

1/19/2020 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO vehicle parked in front of a home. Fire damage can take over your Brawley home, let SERVPRO put a stop to the smoke.

Brawley let us stop the damage from fire damage.

Having a fire in your home, no matter the size, tends to have a significant impact. The smell of smoke permeates through your entire home, and it can be very daunting. It is crucial to attack the smoke vapors at the source so that you do not have to endure the lingering malodor of smoke in your home for days and weeks to come. 

If you have fire damage in your Brawley home, the restoration specialists at SERVPRO understand the importance of dealing with the loss quickly and effectively. Our goal is to restore your home to preloss condition, intending to make it "Like it never even happened." 

After SERVPRO technicians remove damaged contents from your home and deal with any potentially dangerous structural damage, their next most significant challenge is to remove smoke odor from the house. Deodorization often needs a combination of techniques for the successful removal of the offensive smell. There are typically three phases of odor control after removing the source of the odor.  

Containing the odor is the first phase. The goal is to block more odor molecules from vaporizing into the air by spraying a chemical deodorizer, like Smoke Deodorizer #302, onto the source of the odor. The spray creates a barrier that stops or slows down odor molecules from vaporizing into the air. 

Vapor odor control is the second phase. The goal here is to counteract any vapors in the air, that managed to escape before containment, by applying products that release deodorant vapors into the air within the home. These products attack the odors before detection by smell.

Thermal fogging is the third phase of odor control. Fogging requires that residents, pets, and animals vacate the structure for safety purposes. The solvent-based deodorants dispense through thermal fogging equipment passing through a heated area, causing combustion. It breaks down the deodorants into microscopic particles that reach into even the smallest of spaces and attack the malodor vapors at the molecular level. SERVPRO technicians air out the home, and when it is comfortable to breathe, residents may return. 

Knowledgeable SERVPRO technicians combine all three phases of odor removal to ensure no lingering smells remain after a fire. As the temperature fluctuates, particularly in the warm summer months, remaining odors may release back into the environment, in which case part of the process may need repeating. 

Contact SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City at (760) 337-5858 anytime, every day of the year, for assistance. 

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Restaurar Después de Una Inundación Es Mucho Mas Que Una Limpieza En El Centro

1/17/2020 (Permalink)

Dos piezas de equipo verde en un pasillo de una casa. ¡Confíe en la compañía con la tecnología y el equipo para restaurar su hogar del daño del agua!

Nuestro Equipo Tiene Lo Necesario Para Restaurar el Daño del Agua

Los aguaceros torrenciales pueden no ser la norma durante esta época del año, pero los patrones climáticos continúan sorprendiéndonos cada año. Tanto las empresas como los propietarios de viviendas sienten las consecuencias de los fenómenos meteorológicos inesperados, y la preparación es fundamental para mitigar su daño. Cuando considera escenarios de daños por incendio o inundación, es esencial considerar no solo los preparativos de emergencia, sino también los mejores servicios a los que recurrir una vez que comience la fase de restauración. Identificar compañías de renombre antes que la emergencia ocurra le permite ahorrar tiempo y dinero cuando necesite restaurar su hogar a su estado original.

Cuando su emergencia es un daño por inundación en El Centro, SERVPRO es una parte esencial de su plan de restauración. Nuestro equipo está disponible 24/7 para llegar a su hogar y evaluar el daño. Nuestro objetivo es hacer que su hogar vuelva a su estado original y, al mismo tiempo, minimizar su costo en tiempo y dinero. Las inundaciones implican peligros específicos para su salud debido a las bacterias que transportan a su hogar. Con esto en mente, identificamos y eliminamos rápidamente los elementos que absorbieron microorganismos para evitar su proliferación en su hogar. Las mejores prácticas de la industria guían nuestros pasos y nos permiten eliminar los elementos y materiales contaminados según las recomendaciones y regulaciones ambientales.

A medida que avanzamos en limpiar y desinfectar su hogar, tenemos en cuenta la coordinación de los servicios que necesita como propietario. Cuando ocurren emergencias, es posible que deba involucrar a los ajustadores de seguros, contratistas y otras entidades locales para completar el proceso de restauración. Nuestro equipo SERVPRO está listo para ayudarlo en este proceso para que su hogar vuelva a la normalidad lo antes posible. Con este fin, documentamos cuidadosamente nuestros pasos y el alcance del trabajo para que pueda usarlo como referencia según sea necesario.

SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City es mucho más que un servicio de limpieza. Los propietarios de viviendas pueden confiar en nosotros para ser sus socios en todos los aspectos restauración de daños por agua. Llámenos al (760) 337-5858 incluso antes de que ocurra la emergencia para que sepan cómo juntos podemos dejar su casa, como que nada hubiera pasado.

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