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Scoping Damage after an Emergency in Your Salton City Home

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

bathroom damaged caused by toilet. A leaky sink or toilet will cause an issue in the long run. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the help you need.

SERVPRO Assists in Water Mitigation

A giant water leak in your kitchen or bathroom is an emergency. SERVPRO trained agents can help mitigate further damages. The first step is to scope the damage before creating an action plan.

Water Mitigation in Salton City is something many homeowners face. SERVPRO technicians are available to take the emergency damage report anytime, 24/7. Then they jump into action by scoping the damage. While scoping, they have to be mindful of any present dangers to ensure safety for both the workers and residents. 

Here are some necessary scoping procedures for water emergencies:

  • Identify water quality; clean, gray, or black. 
  • Technicians explain what they are doing while they do it and have homeowners sign the appropriate documentation.
  • Document details such as types of materials needed.
  • Test walls, cabinets, crawl spaces, carpets, subfloor, and other surface areas for hidden moisture. 
  • Photograph the damage for planning and insurance purposes.

For 24/7 assistance, contact SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City at (760) 337-5858. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Salton City Leads in the Salton Sea Coast

1/8/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles parked in front of home Property owners breathe a sigh of relief when the SERVPRO green fleet swiftly arrives for water loss mitigation.

Unique Attractions Surround Salton City and its Residents

Salton City, in Imperial County, is considered the most extensive development on the Salton Sea Coast. Not as famous as San Diego or Los Angeles, the Salton Sea is a shallow lake on the San Andreas Fault. Straddling Imperial Valley and Coachella Valley, the lake is below sea level and occupies the Salton Sink. Rainfall causes the Salton Sea size to vary, but it is estimated to be close to 350 square miles, and it is the largest lake in California. Due to its saline nature, living species such as fish and vegetation have a hard time surviving. However, some tilapia, catfish, and bass have been known to survive. In contrast, the avian population is quite diverse.

The Salton Sea area invested resources to become a resort area, and Salton City was central to this redevelopment. Desert Shores, Bombay Beach, and Desert Shores were also targeted for development. However, the lake's pollution and increased salinity undercut the project’s success, and many communities have since been abandoned. Most recently, the area has welcomed a newer crowd of artists with bohemian lifestyles.

If Salton City remains sparsely populated, it is not for lack of trying. In the 1960s, the Holly Corporation, a Texas-based oil company, attempted to develop the area as a resort community. M. Penn Phillips, Holly Corporation’s leader, and entrepreneur put significant effort in growing Salton City, just as he developed Christmas Valley, Oregon, and Hesperia, California. By 1965, it became clear that Salton City lacked the accessibility and growth potential for full development. Almost simultaneously, the rising sea elevation caused shoreline structures to be abandoned. As pollution and salinity escalated, hopes of Salton City becoming a tourist destination decreased. It wasn’t until the 2000s that the area’s affordability encouraged new residents to move into the region.

Attractions Around Salton City

The area around Salton City has grown to offer some unique attractions to those looking for one-of-a-kind experiences. Very different from nearby Los Angeles and San Diego, some stops along your tourist route exist only in the Salton Sea area and invite you to bring your camera and artistic eye. Some places to include are listed below.

  • Salvation Mountain- Leonard Knight created Salvation Mountain as a tribute to God and a way of carrying his message. At 50 feet high and 150 feet wide, the mountain is made of local adobe clay. Paint for the monument has been donated, and it is vividly applied to each inch of Knight’s work. Other objects also adorn Salvation Mountain, carrying the message “God is love” and depicting the scripture.
  • Slab City- also called “the Slabs,” the area is often associated with living outside of civil society's established conventions. Slab City is a squatters community on what used to be the artillery training range for Camp Dunlap. The first settlers of the Slabs were veterans who had ties to the original base, but now RV owners tend to find their way to the area to settle for some time. Leonard Knight, the creator of Salvation Mountain, was also an early settler in the Slabs. Most inhabitants stay through the winter months and leave during the hot summer months, but a handful of people live in the area year-round.
  • The International Banana Museum- If Salvation Mountain and Slab City are not unconventional enough for you, dare to go bananas by visiting the International Banana Museum. The entity boasts over 25,000 banana-related pictures and objects. Reviewers find it a one-of-a-kind outing that will have you laughing as soon as you arrive. You can top your time at the Museum with a delicious banana milkshake or ice cream. Although current health concerns have limited its operating hours, make sure to include it in your itinerary around Salton City.
  • East Jesus- Within Slab City, you’ll find East Jesus, which a habitable art exhibit with no religious ties, despite its name. Created by the late Charlie Russell, its goal is to showcase experimental art, including concerts, sculptures, and photography. The elements typically erode art installations, making the exhibits short-lived and in a constant state of change. You can tour the area to understand the works of art and explore the many contributing artists' work.
  • Painted Canyon Road- If you’re just driving through the Salton Sea area, make sure to go through Painted Canyon Road near Mecca. It is a beautiful road that leads to hiking trails and offers gorgeous views. Pay close attention to the type of vehicle you need to access, as some sandy areas can be dangerous.

Caring for your Salton City Home

Caring for your home is an ongoing responsibility, and some elements in Salton City should make you even more vigilant. Humidity, changes in temperature, seismic activity, and water levels can all impact your home. Luckily, if a pipe bursts and leaks all over your floors and belongings, SERVPRO is ready as a leading water restoration company. Our team has the proper training and equipment to take care of your needs shortly after reaching us at our 24/7 hotline.

Restoring a home after a water incident centers around extraction and drying, but efforts can be detrimental if humidity levels are not monitored. Our SERVPRO team has all the necessary equipment to measure humidity for each surface and take appropriate action. From dehumidifiers to wand extractors to air circulators, we are ready to use all of them to complete the job and minimize your loss.

SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City relies on our training and experience to service residents in our area. 

When you call upon our staff at (760) 337-5858, you can be assured that we won’t rest until we clean, dry, and sanitize your home according to recommended industry best practices. You can count on us until your home feels, “Like it never even happened.”

Is There A Company That Will Work Around My Busy Schedule to Take Care of My Home Water Removal Need?

10/21/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment being used in water damaged home No matter the scope of your water damage, we arrive equipped and prepared.

SERVPRO’s Flexible Water Damage and Removal Services Prove Convenient for the Busy Homeowners in El Centro!

Water damage can, and does, occur at the most inopportune times. With most homeowning families in El Centro being so busy day after day, it can be challenging to find a service that will work with your schedule to remove the water in your home and begin restoration services as needed. You cannot ignore your professional responsibilities, but there is good news! We can help.

If you have water in your El Centro home, water removal is what you need, and as soon as possible. Regardless of your schedule, or even the time of day the water loss is discovered,  you can count on SERVPRO not only working with you, but you can also trust us and the water damage and removal services we offer for the following reasons:

  • Our El Centro location is locally owned and operated; this means we will get to you fast.
  • We offer 24-hour emergency service; no waiting until the next day to work out scheduling. We are always accessible, even in the middle of the night!
  • We have highly trained, experienced technicians who will get the job done right.

All these facts make it easy for SERVPRO to get the job done when you need them.

What about when the water’s gone?

SERVPRO techs are trained not only in water removal but also in water damage restoration of your damaged property.

What about water restoration at my local business?

We will take care of your El Centro business too, and all aspects of the experienced damage.  Our tools include some of the newest and most dependable water removal and water damage restoration methods and equipment available, so both your home and business will get the most professional treatment in a timely fashion. You will be taken care of right so you can get back to business. 

Taking on water and the damage that results can be out of our control, and life does not stop for such issues. But you have a friend in the industry that can take care of things for you from start to finish. Call SERVPRO of El Centro at (760) 337-5858 for all of your water removal needs.

Can a Wet Property Dry By Itself?

9/25/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment in warehouse You can depend on our professionals with state of the art equipment to thoroughly dry your property so you can return safely after a water incident.

The Impact of Water Intrusion on a Residential Property can be Dramatic. SERVPRO is an El Centro Water Damage Restoration Provider for Efficient Drying.

How is the water restoration time frame and equipment calculated?

The main pieces of equipment that we use to dry your El Centro home is air-movers and dehumidifiers. Air-movers promote air circulation, which speeds up evaporation. Dehumidifiers draw evaporated moisture from the air. The timeframes and equipment needs we calculate are rarely exact because there are too many variables. However, these approximations can help to reduce inconvenience and provide a workable structure for the restoration. If there is standing water in the property, it may be necessary to pump it out before setting up a drying protocol. SERVPRO technicians also calculate these timeframes by understanding how much water there is, in cubic feet, then multiplying that number by 7.48 to convert into gallons. Most submersible pumps remove a certain amount of gallons per hour, where we can derive an approximate time-span. 

How many air-movers should I use to dry a property?

Significant water damage restoration in your El Centro home relies on ensuring all surfaces have a steady and consistent air-flow. We can create this air-flow by setting up air-movers throughout the property. SERVPRO technicians use the institute of inspection, cleaning, and restoration certifications (IICRC) guidelines to calculate the number of air-movers a room requires. The IICRC S500 standard recommends at least one air-mover per affected room. However, the placement of air-movers must be balanced with dehumidifiers. If there are too few dehumidifiers, then air movers permeate moist air throughout the affected area, which can condensate and lead to further damage.

When should I add extra drying equipment?

- One air-mover per room

- Plus one air-mover for every 50 square feet of floor in each room

- Plus one air-mover for every 100 square feet of ceiling

How useful are dehumidifiers for drying wet properties?

Several factors can affect the usefulness of dehumidifiers. SERVPRO technicians typically calculate the number of dehumidifiers by inspecting the home and comparing it to the dehumidifier's capacity. One of the most significant factors affecting water restoration is the type of materials in the house. Water can permeate into porous materials quickly. Equally, these materials are quick to dry due to their porous nature. Like woods, semi-porous materials can be much trickier to dry as they have a slow rate of evaporation. Our technicians are likely to use desiccant dehumidifiers when drying slow evaporation materials. These equipment use a silica gel to reduce indoor humidity to 40 grains per pound. Any moisture absorbed by semi-porous materials is drawn out at this level, thereby returning the moisture content to its average level. 

What factors lengthen drying times?

- Water that is trapped inside cavities such as walls

- The water behind fittings or cabinets

- Smaller spaces that may prevent adequate air circulation

How do I balance drying equipment for wet residences?

A balanced drying system in your El Centro home is one that evaporates and dehumidifies moisture at the same rate. Our crew chiefs create a balanced drying system by analyzing your property's shape, material, and layout then acting accordingly. However, the measure of a drying system is always taken eventually from the response of the property. Production technicians may return to the property after a set amount of hours using a thermo hygrometer and a moisture probe or sensor. The results may require small adjustments, such as using larger dehumidifiers or bringing in extra air-movers to encourage air circulation. 

Can heating equipment dry a property?

The critical factors in drying a property are temperature, air circulation, and humidity. Residential properties typically lack the necessary power to heat a space to the required temperature for efficient drying. In these situations, our technicians can use drying equipment like portable heaters or external furnaces. We calculate the type of heater required by measuring the space's size and the necessary British Thermal Units (BTU) needed to heat it. Raising the temperature of air allows it to hold more moisture. This can significantly aid drying but must be balanced with dehumidification correctly to avoid potential mold growth. SERVPRO recommends using qualified water restoration technicians (WRT) to dry a property safely and efficiently.

What is the process of establishing efficient drying in a wet property?

- Initial inspection and calculation of equipment requirements

- Setting up necessary equipment and providing the requisite power for this equipment

- Monitoring the effect of drying equipment on materials in the building

Efficient drying techniques can reduce secondary damage in your property and lower your claim's expense. Contact SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City at (760) 337-5858. 

A Malfunctioning Heater Left Me Dealing With Water Damage in My El Centro Property. Who Can Help?

9/16/2020 (Permalink)

water damage in home Water damage can not only destroy your property but also cause severe health effects to your family if not handled on time.

Talk to SERVPRO Technicians in El Centro to Help You Perform Water Damage Restoration in Your Property.

When water gets into unwanted areas of your El Centro property, it can be a traumatic experience. Secondary damages such as odors, warping wooden flooring, and mold growth can occur within 48 hours if professionals do not handle the situation on time. Act immediately by talking to SERVPRO technicians to prevent further damage and get your property to its normal state.

Is water damage dangerous?
Water from any source can cause severe damage and contamination issues if the remediation process is delayed. It is vital to let professionals handle the water damage in your El Centro property within the first 48 hours to prevent costly repairs. Water leaks that infiltrate your property can cause damage that can spread fast in the affected areas.

How long can it take to dry my property?
Several factors determine how long it can take to dry your property, including:
    •    Temperature
    •    Humidity
    •    Amount of saturation
    •    Materials affected

It can take several days to dry your home. However, we can hasten the drying process using our advanced equipment. If the water levels in your property are still high, we can use a self-priming trash pump to extract the excess water. Since the equipment only extracts excess water, we can use several venting box fans to eliminate the moisture. Our experts can determine when the drying is complete through consistent evaluation and monitoring of the drying process.

How do certified restorers handle water damage?
We assess the damage when we get to a property. Our SERVPRO team can remove damaged materials that can be salvaged or discarded. After removing the damaged items, our technicians can begin the drying and disinfecting the area. During this process, we use advanced equipment to speed up our restoration process. We can use air movers and low grain dehumidifiers to dry the area effectively. Also, we can disinfect mold-infected surfaces and restore the area to prevent it from spreading.

How do you know the property is dry?
Just because the surface may look and feel dry, does not mean that it is dry. Our technicians can analyze the area using infrared cameras and penetrating moisture meters. Also, our decades of experience help us determine if your property is dry to its preloss state.

Water damage can not only destroy your property but also cause severe health issues to your family if not handled on time. Contact for SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City fast water cleanup services. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. Talk to us today at (760) 337-5858.

Do Water Restoration Companies in El Centro Offer Cleaning Services?

8/25/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipoment being used in water damaged bathrooms No matter the location of your water damage, we can completely restore your home.

SERVPRO Comprehensive Cleaning Restoring Any Part of Your Property Affected by The Water Spill to Its Pre-loss State 

Various cleaning challenges can arise in your house after an incident involving water intrusion. In such a case, you might be left wondering whether you need separate service providers to handle the cleaning and the renovation of damaged areas. SERVPRO helps eliminate the dilemma for El Centro homeowners, by washing, drying, and performing other restoration processes needed at their homes.  

Which cleaning processes are typically associated with water damage?

Experienced water restoration companies operating in El Centro should be comfortable handling any cleaning exercise. Water leaks necessitate cleaning because of the soiling and deterioration of various materials. Some of the commonly needed actions include: 

  • Odor removal 
  • General upholstery and carpet cleaning 
  • Stain removal 
  • Microbial or biohazard removal  

Odors can develop because of the soils accumulating in the wet areas or microbial growth, which later results in mold development. In most cases, odors tend to be more concentrated in hidden sections of your house. The main factor that leads to smells after water intrusion is the stagnation of air or water. Stagnant air traps airborne particles like mold spores and dust, while stagnant water leads to accelerated microbial growth and, thus, a higher rate of decomposition of the surrounding materials. When our SERVPRO technicians trace all areas with hidden water and use air movers to boost air circulation in your house, it is easier to deal with any odors.  

How challenging is upholstery cleaning after water loss incidents?  

Upholstery is a general term for the soft padding and fabrics layered as covers on furniture items. Such materials include textured fabrics, silk, or leather. Each type of surface might require a unique cleaning approach, some favoring deep wetting, while others require minimal water application. Our technicians undergo regular training on upholstery cleaning standards equipping them with sufficient information on how to treat different materials.  

Naturally, dust and other loose soils tend to accumulate on the surface of items. When the spilled water splashes on the surface of such furniture, it dissolves such soils leaving the components dirtied heavily. Upholstery items also absorb significant amounts of water within a short time, which necessitates fast removal to forestall some problems, browning or dyes running, which can result in staining, discoloration, or other long-term issues.  

Our SERVPRO technicians use a variety of cleaning methods to manage any cleaning challenges that arise when cleaning wet upholstery items, including: 

  • Bonnet cleaning 
  • Haitian cotton shampoo 
  • Hot water extraction 
  • Showcase   

We choose the cleaning method based on what we discover from evaluating the level of soiling and the type of material. In most cases, we choose milder cleaning approaches such as bonnet cleaning before we opt for aggressive options such as showcase.  

How common is staining after water loss incidents in properties? 

Stains commonly affect textiles, upholstery, carpets, and draperies. Various issues that develop during water loss incidents in El Centro can lead to such outcomes. For instance, metal or wooden furniture legs can stain the carpets they rest on when metal rusts or wood releases resins. Patches of discoloration can also appear on sections of the fabrics, primarily when cleaning processes utilize alkali products or bleaches. Spots can also develop when materials fade. Common reasons for fading include:  

  • Exposure to UV rays especially when sun drying items 
  • Fume fading from trapped gas in contact with fibers  

Stain prevention and removal fall within the services offered by water restoration companies. Our SERVPRO technicians combine various methods to overcome the staining problem. We try to identify all possible issues that might lead to staining immediately on arrival at the loss site. For instance, we move furniture items away from carpets to eliminate rust or resin stains. We also separate different types of items. For example, we ensure there is no direct contact between separate upholstery items or draperies to prevent dye transfer.  

In case we notice any stains on any item, we fast-track removal to prevent setting. We establish the type of soil that causes the stain and the physical properties of the affected material since some removal options can worsen the situation instead of resolving it. Spot removal helps address the specific area affected by the stain rather than attempting to clean the entire item. We apply unique stain removal products such as stain absorbing powder, Brown Out, or Rusticide to counter the effects of the soil. Regular cleaning processes such as rinsing, extracting, and neutralizing follow to finalize the process.  

SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City can help you address all issues that arise after a water damage incident, “Like it never even happened.” Contact us at (760) 337-5858.

Who Can I Call for Water Restoration Services After a Water Heater Failure?

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

white rusty water heater damaged Water damage woes from a heater? El Centro Property Owners Usually Call SERVPRO!

El Centro Water Restoration Companies Like SERVPRO Offer Rapid Mitigation 24/7

Across the United States, including El Centro, an estimated 40% of homeowners have experienced home water damage. Much of this damage happens behind walls and underneath floors, which renders DIY cleanup solutions a challenge to successfully implement in full. Access to a fast-responding cleanup service is especially crucial for water heater damage, which can spill copious amounts of water in hard-to-clean areas in your home.

SERVPRO is among the premier water restoration companies in El Centro, with mitigation and restoration services available to homeowners 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This firm’s training ensures that technicians and franchise owners alike receive a comprehensive education in water damage mitigation, mold remediation, and cleaning carpet and upholstery to minimize property loss for homeowners.

Can a Water Heater Really Cause That Much Water Damage?

Water heater leaks can create large amounts of water damage in your El Centro home very quickly. These repairs can quickly become costly cleanup projects without undertaking proper precautions, maintenance procedures, and identification of problems with appliances.

  • Slow leaks might take several days to become apparent, by which time gallons of water have been unleashed into your home.
  • Even a 30-gallon tank can release thousands of gallons’ worth of water and cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair.
  • Without regular maintenance, water heaters can experience critical failures well before the eight- to 12-year service life expires.

Worried that your water heater might leak? Check for such signs as:

  • Hot water does not reach the same high temperatures that it once did.
  • Rust-colored or metallic-tasting water is coming from fixtures.
  • Your unit’s anode rod is corroded, burner units are clogged, or the tank is rusty.
  • When heating water, the appliance makes noticeable popping or cracking sounds.
  • Your water heater has a visible puddle underneath it.

To minimize your water damage risk, practice the following:

  • Flush the tank once or twice a year to remove sediments.
  • Have a licensed professional inspect and service the tank as needed yearly.
  • Replace the anode rod if it is corroded.
  • Check supply line connections and hoses regularly and replace hoses as required.
  • Keep a drip pan under the water heater to prevent damage from accumulating underneath.

When Should I Call a Water Restoration Company?

Contact a restoration company if you notice the following:

  • Wall damage. Swollen, warped, or crumbly drywall with bubbled, cracked, or peeling paint is a relatively consistent indicator of water damage. This type of structural malady typically indicates that a wall has been slowly accumulating and attempting to drain water.
  • Floor buildup. Floor damage can take many different forms depending on the materials used in your El Centro home. For example:
    • Laminate and hardwood floors can swell, warp, or even buckle
    • Grouted tiles may become loose, or the grout itself may show signs of swelling or discoloration.
    • Linoleum and vinyl flooring may begin to peel as moisture eats away at your flooring’s adhesive.

If you notice any of these signs, take a look at your subflooring as well. If water is coming from the floor, the subflooring is likely to need structural drying and microbial remediation.

  • Mold growth. Where there are heat, moisture, and organic materials, you are sure to find some kind of mold. Look for a characteristic musty odor, particularly in damp, dark areas of the home. Closets and cabinetry tend to accumulate mold quickly if they are in or near the kitchen or bathroom. Mold can grow on your property in as little as 24 hours, so do not delay if you notice it on your property.

How Does SERVPRO Prepare My Home for Water Restoration?

SERVPRO techs take several steps to mitigate water damage before restoring a property. One of the most important of these steps is structural drying.

  • Air movers are placed every 10 to 16 linear feet, or 150 to 300 square feet, of the affected area.
  • Dehumidifiers work in tandem with air movers using a variety of mechanisms, including desiccant materials and refrigerated coils.
  • Structural drying is much faster and less likely to create secondary water damage if extraction is performed first.
  • Establishing drying goals relies on making accurate calculations based on such factors as relative humidity, equilibrium moisture content for various materials, air temperature, and the area in square feet of affected space.

SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City can keep your home looking, “Like it never even happened.” Call (760) 337-5858 to have a fast-responding team at your home within hours of your initial contact.

Why Should I Call for Professional Water Removal Services in El Centro?

5/16/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Technicians Provide Prompt Water Removal to Bring Your El Centro Interior Back to Normal Faster

Having a pipe burst out of the blue sends a massive amount of water out into your home in minutes. Not only is there the initial shock and panic to deal with, but you also have the stress of trying to shut off the water and make sure that you can salvage your belongings. Hiring the experts in the field of water removal and restoration allows you to breathe a sigh of relief, feeling confident that everything will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

What Do Skilled Technicians Do to Remove the Water?

For our cleanup and removal efforts to be successful, it requires proper equipment. When you call SERVPRO for water removal in El Centro, we come to your home with industrial-strength tools, equipment, and cleaning agents to facilitate the job. Some of the tools that we use most often include:

    •    Pumps to help remove water from your interior. We have submersible pumps as well as truck-mounted extractors that have the ability to handle thousands of gallons of water and debris.
    •    Light wands to remove water from your carpeting, as well as the carpet pad below.
    •    Moisture detection tools that allow us to find hidden moisture where water may have migrated.
    •    EPA-registered cleaning and sanitizing agents that we apply to various surfaces to inhibit bacterial and microorganism growth.

Our team of skilled water restoration technicians (WRT) can be on the scene and ready to start working in as little as four hours. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster! This gives you the peace of mind you need in knowing that your home and daily routine can get back to normal quickly.

Call SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City today at (760) 337-5858, and we can deploy a team to your location to start the water removal assessment.

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El Calor No Es Suficiente Para Remover Las Aguas Estancadas

2/17/2020 (Permalink)

Dos motores verde de aire en una pequeña habitación. Confíe a nosotros y nuestro equipo para deshacerse de todo tipo de daños causados por el agua.

SERVPRO Tiene La Habilidad para Eliminar de Manera Adecuada y Efectiva el Agua Estancada de su Hogar en El Centro

Cuando piensa que su hogar está en peligro de un evento de agua, puede imaginar la devastación de las inundaciones repentinas, donde los escombros y el lodo se abren paso a través de su hogar. Por abrumadora y real que pueda ser esta amenaza, en realidad, puede enfrentar daños por agua de una fuente más pequeña que igual lo deja con la necesidad de un equipo professional para resolverlo. Incluso una pequeña fuga puede causar un daño tremendo si el agua se deja desatendida durante un período de tiempo significativo.

Si necesita servicios de eliminación de agua para su hogar en El Centro, puede contar con SERVPRO para guiarlo a través del proceso de restauración y dejar su hogar en perfecto estado. Muchos propietarios no se dan cuenta de que el agua puede causar estragos en los elementos estructurales de su hogar, incluso cuando no el agua no sea de gran caudal. El aumento de humedad puede filtrarse en los materiales de construcción, incluidos los pisos y las paredes, y comprometer la integridad estructural de su casa. Esto es particularmente cierto para los pisos de madera y otros materiales orgánicos y porosos que absorben la humedad y terminan por deformarse o deformarse bajo estas condiciones. Si este es el caso en su hogar, nuestros técnicos saben cómo abordar el problema para minimizar el daño. Estamos orgullosos de contar con las certificaciones del Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), lo que implica un marco teórico para dar forma a nuestro plan de acción y lograr resultados óptimos.

El exceso de humedad no es tan simple como parece. El propietario común tiende a intentar secar el área con calentadores y ventiladores, pero eso puede no ser suficiente. Por el contrario, la eliminación excesiva de agua puede causar otros problemas en su hogar. Mientras que la evaporación es clave para el proceso, no puede lograrse de manera agresiva. En cambio, nuestro equipo de SERVPRO adopta un enfoque gradual utilizando técnicas avanzadas para configurar los equipos que fomentan el secado en un área específica a la vez que protegen el resto de su hogar. Mediante el uso de tecnología de punta de nuestra industria, controlamos los niveles de humedad hasta que alcanzan la lectura óptima para su hogar. Nuestro enfoque metódico nos prepara para el éxito y nos permite preservar sus pisos y paredes tanto como sea posible.

SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City es sinónimo de ayuda professional cuando más la necesita. Llámenos al (760) 337-5858 y permítanos aplicar nuestro conocimiento y experiencia para su beneficio. Juntos, podemos trabajar para dejar su hogar "Como que nada hubiera pasado."

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Heat is Not Enough to Remove Standing Water

2/5/2020 (Permalink)

Water on floor under door Water damage in your El Centro home? Call the professionals at (760) 337-5858. We are available 24/7.

SERVPRO Has The Tools and Skill to Properly and Effectively Remove Standing Water from Your El Centro Home

When you think about your home being on the receiving end of a water event, you may picture the devastation of flash floods, where debris and sludge make its way through your home.  As overwhelming and real as this threat can be, in reality, you may face water damage from a smaller source that still leaves you in need of a professional team to sort it out. Even a slight leak can cause tremendous damage if the water is left standing for a significant amount of time. 

If water removal services are needed for your El Centro home, you can count on SERVPRO to guide you through the restoration process and leave your home in top shape.  Many homeowners do not realize that water can wreak havoc on the structural elements of your home, even when it is not the result of a torrential stream.  The increase in moisture levels can seep into your building materials, including floors and walls, and compromise their integrity. This is particularly true for hardwood floors and other organic and porous materials that absorb the added humidity and end up warping or buckling under the new environment.  If this is the case in your home, our technicians know how to address the issue to minimize the damage. We are proud to boast certifications by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), which implies a theoretical framework to shape our action plan and achieve optimal results.

Excess humidity is not as simple as it sounds.  The average homeowner typically attempts to dry the area with space heaters and fans, but that may not be enough.  On the contrary, excessive water removal may cause other problems in your home. Whereas evaporation is key to the process, it is not an aggressive process. Instead, our SERVPRO crews take a gradual approach utilizing advanced techniques to set up the heating elements that encourage drying in a specific area while protecting the rest of your home.  By using industry-specific measuring tools, we monitor moisture levels until they reach the optimal reading for your home. Our methodical approach sets us up for success and lets us preserve your floors and walls as much as possible.

SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City is akin to professional help when you most need it.  Call us at (760) 337-5858 and let us apply our knowledge and expertise for your benefit.  Together, we can work to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

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How SERVPRO uses Dehumidifiers to Dry Your El Centro Home

1/28/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO dehumidifier in water damaged room This is one of our low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers that we use to speed the drying process.

Dehumidifiers Play A Role in Water Removal in El Centro

Several different mishaps can cause building materials and contents inside your house in El Centro to get wet. Once items in your home start retaining moisture, it is wise to get water removal conducted by professional restoration technicians such as SERVPRO. The first step we take is to extract any H2O present while it is still a liquid. Once the moisture spreads across your structure, it starts to soak into your possessions and structural components.

After we extract your house during the water removal process in El Centro, our SERVPRO technicians then begin the applied structural drying or ASD process. During this phase, we attempt to create an environment inside your house that speeds up the natural evaporation and drying process. We can often accomplish establishing such an atmosphere by setting up a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers. We place air movers so that they push air towards your wet walls at a 45-deree angle and create circulation in a counterclockwise motion. The dehumidifiers then work towards pulling moisture from the air and dispensing it into a liquid while exhausting out warm, dry air to be used in the circulation created by the air movers.

Dehumidifiers create dry air that gets pushed towards wet surfaces so that the air acts like a sponge and speeds up evaporation. We always set up the dehumidifiers towards the center of the water damaged area. We then make sure the drain hose on the machines is clear and appropriately secured.

When operating a dehumidifier, we make sure that air movers are not pushing air directly onto the coils. We also make sure to shut all of your doors and windows because dehumidifiers work best in enclosed areas. The process works by the machines drawing wet air across cooler metal coils. Once the wet air hits the cold coils, condensation occurs, and the water turns back into a liquid.

If you ever notice wet building materials or contents inside your residence, call SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City at (760) 337-5858 24/7. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Water Damage In El Centro

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged home A more extensive skillset means better service in the restoration industry.

Advanced Structural Drying for El Centro Residents with Water Damage

Domestic water issues often peak during the winter months of the year. There are many ways you can guard your home against water issues by taking action ahead of time. These actions may be keeping your gutters bright and clean regularly throughout autumn to avoid blockages from leaves. You may also want to set a timer for your boiler to ensure that pipes do not freeze. Setting boiler times is essential if you are spending a few days out of the property. You may also want to consider running maintenance tests on your sump pump, faucets, and appliances.

Sometimes an unforeseen event can cause water damage to your El Centro home. It is therefore vital to check your insurance is up to date and that you have coverage for water emergencies. It is also prudent to check your local area for restoration companies in-case of an unforeseen water incident. Our company, SERVPRO, offers qualified water restoration technicians who are local to the city. We have the equipment to deal with any size disaster from municipal buildings to single, private residences.

Restorers of SERVPRO undergo basic training to allow us a support roster during busier times of the year. However, many of our water technicians go the extra mile to gain qualifications in applied structural drying (ASD) or Mold Remediation. Having a broad skillset means we can promise a better service to our community. There are also overlaps in the skill requirements for restoration. A flooded first floor, for example, may need both microbial growth control and cavity drying to make a full recovery.

Cavity drying is a necessity when there are high volumes of water or where migration is a possibility. Leaving residues of moisture inside cavities can result in exponential mold growth, odors, yellowing or discoloration, and rot. SERVPRO ASD technicians can address cavities by drilling small holes beneath the baseboard of your walls. We can then attach injectidry nozzles to each hole circulating warm air inside the cavity. Using moisture sensors placed directly onto drywall, our technicians can accurately assess when a wall cavity is safe and dry.

A more extensive skillset means better service in the restoration industry. Contact SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City at (760) 337-5858.

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We Provide Comprehensive Water Removal Services for Your Brawley Home

10/18/2019 (Permalink)

kitchen damaged by a water damage incident For water-related emergencies, Contact SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City at (760) 337-5858.

Comprehensive Water Removal Services for Brawley Residents

When your standing ankle-deep in water from a burst pipe, leak, or malfunctioning drainage, you need to act fast to prevent an accident from becoming a permanent issue. Many homeowners lack the kind of industrial equipment to remove standing water themselves. Our restoration service incorporates both removal and drying of excess quantities of water in the home. We have a solid reputation in home restoration here in Brawley and can help to get your back to how it was, “Like it never even happened.”

Calling in professional assistance for water removal in Brawley is one of the smartest decisions you can make in a crisis. SERVPRO technicians are trained in the many aspects of restoration, including microbial growth control, water-incidents, and flooding. We are nationally accredited in handling restoration services professionally from start to finish. It all begins by removing standing water, fast.

The amount of water from a burst water pipe or valve can number several hundred gallons in the course of a single day. The pound for pound pressure exerted by a large volume of water can severely weaken even the most robust structures. The longer your home is subjected to that kind of pressure, the higher the likelihood of sustaining permanent damages or requiring emergency remodeling and repair.

SERVPRO restoration trucks are fully-stocked with the water removal equipment that can reduce the standing water level within an hour. When levels rise above two inches, we can deploy submersible, gas-powered pumping equipment to transport water from your property to a nearby sewer point. When standing water drops below two inches, our industrial wet/dry vacuum and extractors can remove residual moisture without damaging structural contents like carpets or flooring.

How long-standing water is in your home has a significant impact on the technique we use to restore. Water migrates and prolonged exposure- for example, if you return from holiday to find a flood situation- can result in structural cavities becoming flooded. These may include your crawlspaces or behind walls. SERVPRO also stock advanced structural cavity drying equipment to ensure you get a satisfying solution to a water issue, no matter how severe.

For water-related emergencies, Contact SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City at (760) 337-5858.

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¡Mis Electrodomésticos Me Están Atacando!

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

Siempre controle sus electrodomésticos para asegurarse de que no funcionen mal.

Mal Funcionamiento del Electrodoméstico en El Centro

Cuando uno escucha las palabras “servicios de limpieza de agua” probablemente se imagina ríos de agua corriendo sobre escaleras y empapando muebles y alfombras. Quizás también tenga visiones de uno mismo chapoteando por su casa mientras sus pertenencias flotan a su alrededor. En realidad, los servicios de limpieza de agua son necesarios en situaciones mucho menos dramáticas. Un simple desperfecto en su lavadora de platos automática puede causar que se desborde, permitiendo que agua y jabón se cuelen por su cocina, gabinetes y rodapiés. Por suerte, existen servicios professionales para ayudarle a resolver su emergencia.

SERVPRO es el servicio de limpieza de agua para su casa en El Centro. Nuestros técnicos están disponibles las 24 horas del día, 7 días a la semana para tomar su llamada y comenzar el proceso de restauración. Nuestro equipo está entrenado para ejecutar trabajos independientemente de la magnitud de la emergencia, y estamos aquí para aplicar nuestra experticia para su beneficio. Lo único que usted tiene que hacer es llamarnos y dejar que nos encarguemos del asunto.

Nuestra primera prioridad es proteger su hogar y le recomendamos tomar algunos pasos mientras nuestro equipo se traslada a su casa. Acción rápida y decisiva es importante para mitigar sus pérdidas, asi que tome los siguientes pasos-

-Controle la fuente de filtración cerrando el suministro de agua.

-Absorba la mayor cantidad de agua posible utilizando toallas y trapos.

-Retire sus pertenencias en buen estado del área afectada para evitar que se conviertan en daño colateral.

-Abra puertas y ventanas para promover la circulación del aire. Si tiene ventiladores, utilícelos también.

Una vez que nuestro equipo de SERVPRO llegue a su casa, podemos tomar control y extraer el agua utilizando bombas sumergibles y extractores portátiles. A la vez que hacemos esto, monitoreamos los niveles de humedad hasta que lleguen al punto óptimo y luego procedemos a desinfectar las superficies. Por suerte, los electrodomésticos tienden a filtrar aguas blancas, por lo que agentes contaminantes no tienden a ser un problema. Sin embargo, la restauración de los niveles óptimos de humedad es esencial en evitar la proliferación de moho y bacterias. 

No deje que el agua los abrume. SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City está aquí para ayudar. Llámenos al (760) 337-5858 y permítanos dejar su hogar como que nada hubiera pasado.

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Do You Have the Right Equipment to Restore Water Damage?

6/17/2019 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO crew has the proper equipment to clean up and restore your water damage "Like it never even happened."

Using the Right Equipment For Water Damage Restoration

Until you go through a water event, you cannot fully comprehend the peculiarities of restoring your home. When you visit the nearest home improvement store or even your local supermarket, you see people renting water extraction equipment, wet/dry vacuums to dry out their homes. However, much like humans, water damage comes in different sizes and shapes, and there is not a universal solution to treat it. Reaching out to a team used to dealing with water extraction and drying is the best decision you can make. 

In El Centro, SERVPRO is your best resource to address water damage to your home. Our team of water damage restoration technicians (WRT) is available 24/7 for your convenience. Our formal instruction, as well as our on-the-field experience, come together to create a plan specific to your needs and your damage. Although we also employ wet/dry vacuums and dehumidifiers, these are only a portion of all the tools and techniques available to our technicians.

A variety of equipment makes a difference when there is water in your home. Failure to address its presence completely and quickly can threaten your structure by saturating building materials such as drywall. It can also seep even further into your belongings, resulting in a total loss rather than their recovery. This is why at SERVPRO, we have available industry-grade extractors, drying mats, and injectidry technology, among others. This group of equipment focuses on reaching the most remote corners of your home. As we return humidity levels to normal, we guide ourselves with moisture meters and infrared technology that can detect water deposits even when they are not evident to the naked eye.

SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City is fully equipped to handle the water damage to your home. Call us at (760) 337-5858 and let us customize a plan that addresses your specific needs, so your home looks “Like it never even happened.”

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Tiene Usted el Equipo Correcto Para Restaurar los Daños Causados por el Agua?

6/17/2019 (Permalink)

En SERVPRO, tenemos el equipo correcto para limpiar y restaurar los daños causados por el agua.

Usando El Equipo Correcto es Beneficioso Para Restaurar el Daño del Agua

Hasta que usted pasa por un evento de agua, no puede realmente comprender las peculiaridades que implica restaurar su hogar. Cuando usted visita su tienda o supermercado local, ve aspiradoras para agua y otros electrodomésticos diseñados para la extracción de agua. Sin embargo, al igual que los humanos, no todos los daños causados por el agua son iguales y no hay una solución universal para resolverlos. Llamar a un equipo professional que está acostumbrado a la extracción de agua es su mejor decisión.

En El Centro, SERVPRO es su mejor recurso para tratar los daños causados por el agua. Nuestro equipo de técnicos especializados está convenientemente disponible 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana. Nuestra educación formal y experiencia laboral se unen para crear un plan específico a sus necesidades y el daño que ha sufrido. Aunque también utilizamos los equipos disponibles en las tiendas, incluyendo aspiradoras y deshumidificadores, estos son apenas una parte de todas las herramientas y técnicas a la disposición de nuestros técnicos.

Una variedad de equipos hace la diferencia cuando hay agua en su hogar. La demora en remover completa y rápida mente el agua puede agravar los daños al saturar materiales de construcción, como los paneles en sus paredes. El agua también puede saturar aún más sus muebles y alfombras, causando una pérdida total en lugar de una simple restauración. Es por esto que en SERVPRO contamos con extractores industriales, tapetes de secado y tecnología de inyección de aire, entre otros. A la vez que devolvemos los niveles de humedad a la normalidad, monitoreamos el progreso con medidores especializados y tecnología infrarroja que nos ayudan a descubrir depósitos de agua en los lugares más recónditos.

SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City está completamente equipado para resolver el daño causado por el agua en su hogar. Llámenos al (760) 337-5858 y permítanos hacer un plan específico a sus necesidades para que su casa luzca como que nada hubiera pasado.

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Water Cleanup Big and Small - SERVPRO Does it All

5/5/2019 (Permalink)

Protect your home with the help of our SERVPRO team.

Water Restoration in Residential Homes in El Centro

Diligent El Centro homeowners protect their homes from the elements as much as possible. You clean your gutters, make sure that your appliances are in working order and are generally vigilant of anything that could compromise your house. However, accidents happen. Take for example a broken water heater that leaks all over your floors while you are away for a long weekend, leaving you in need of help.

Luckily, residents of El Centro can count on SERVPRO for their water cleanup services. Whether there seems to be a lake in your kitchen or just excess humidity creeping up your walls, our team is available 24/7 to take action and protect your home. As we arrive, we assess the damage while making sure that the source of the leak is under control. Even if this sounds like a simple task, it requires our specialized team to discover any hidden damages that might not be evident at first glance. Our experience and preparation allow us to anticipate complications to mitigate your losses.

One of the most critical areas of concern for our technicians is the proliferation of mold. Whenever water pools on or around carpet, upholstery, flooring, and drywall, there is a possibility that mold and bacteria will thrive, causing even more significant issues in the future. Our SERVPRO team extracts all water by using a combination of powerful truck-mounted pumps, portable submersible ones, wet/dry vacuums, and handheld wands. Our monitoring tools, including those with infrared technology, help us identify problem areas and return moisture levels to normal.

As our SERVPRO crew extracts water, we also focus on drying your home. Dehumidifiers and air movers help encourage the evaporation of water particles promptly. Each surface we dry has its own pace for drying, and we pay close attention to this to avoid further damage.

SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City is your ally for water cleanup and restoration. Just call us at (760) 337-5858 and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

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Trabajos Grandes y Chicos - SERVPRO es la Solución

5/5/2019 (Permalink)

Protege tu hogar con la ayuda de SERVPRO.

Daños Causado Por El Agua en Casas De El Centro 

Los propietarios de casa en El Centro son diligentes en proteger sus hogares lo más posible. Limpian los desagües, se aseguran que los electrodomésticos funcionen bien y están alertas a cualquier cosa que pueda afectar su hogar. Sin embargo, los accidentes pasan. Imagínese por ejemplo, que su calentador de agua se reviente mientras usted está fuera por el fin de semana, dejándolo con la necesidad de ayuda professional.

Por suerte, los residentes de El Centro pueden contar con SERVPRO para limpiar los residuos de agua. Independientemente del tamaño del desastre- un lago en su cocina o humedad excesiva en sus paredes, nuestro equipo está listo 24 horas al día, 7 días de la semana para tomar acción y proteger su hogar. Al llegar, evaluamos los daños a la vez que controlamos la fuente de agua. Aunque parezca una tarea sencilla, estos pasos requieren de nuestro equipo especializado para detectar los daños que no saltan a la vista. Nuestra experiencia y preparación nos permite anticipar complicaciones y mitigar sus pérdidas.

Una de las mayores preocupaciones para nuestros técnicos es la proliferación de moho. Siempre que hay depósitos de agua sobre alfombras, tapicería, pisos y paredes, existe la posibilidad que el moho y las bacterias se reproduzcan, causando un mayor problema en el futuro.

Para evitar complicaciones, nuestro equipo de SERVPRO extrae toda el agua utilizando una combinación de bombas extractoras instaladas en nuestros camiones, bombas sumergibles, aspiradoras y extractores portátiles. Nuestro equipo de monitoreo, incluyendo tecnología infrarroja, nos ayuda a identificar áreas problemáticas y a devolver los niveles de humedad a la normalidad.

A la vez que nuestra cuadrilla de SERVPRO extrae el agua, también nos enfocamos en secar su casa. Deshumidificadores y sopladores de aire ayudan con la evaporación de las partículas de agua en el tiempo correcto. Cada superficie que secamos tiene su propio paso para secarse, y lo tenemos muy en mente para evitar daños subsecuentes.

SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City es su aliado para la extracción y limpieza de agua y restauración. Solo llámenos al (760) 337-5858 y déjenos dejar su hogar como que nada hubiera pasado.

Para más información sobre la ciudad de El Centro, haga clic aquí.

Water Damage Can Happen Fast, But SERVPRO Can Restore Faster!

1/28/2019 (Permalink)

You can trust our professional team and our state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done!

Dealing with Water Removal in your Home in El Centro

There are some events that are very clear- a flood, torrential downpours, a broken pipe. These events can leave your home filled with water and you and your family in immediate need for a solution. However, sometimes water can invade your home gradually before you even realize it. Even if it looks like clean water, it is important that you take definitive action in removing it as soon as possible.

When dealing with water removal in your home in El Centro, our specialized team at SERVPRO is ready to help you through the service. Even though sometimes the need for specialists is evident, fewer water accumulations can also require the work of water damage remediation technicians to prevent further damage and to protect you and your family from any health hazards. After contacting us, we can send a team of trained technicians to your home to assess the damage and formulate a specific plan towards extracting the remaining water, drying the home's structural components, and contents. Much like you, our goal is to restore your home to its original condition while preventing further damage and the possible growth of bacteria resulting from water deposits. "Like it never even happened."

Our SERVPRO team is not only specifically trained to inventory the damage, but it also arrives with industry-leading devices designed to identify problem areas, act upon them and verify that the water removal process has been completed effectively. Some of these instruments are thermo-hygrometers, infrared camera imaging, and moisture meters. Throughout this process, our technicians can also be a resource when coordinating with insurance claims or contractors as part of the restoration. The most critical step in setting it all in motion is to reach out to us as soon as you identify the unwanted water in your home, regardless of how small the damage may look. An unattended water flood or spill can become the source of more significant damage and health concerns, all of which can be avoided by placing a timely call to our office.

At SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City, we are ready to help you 24/7 through our rapid response team. Just call us at (760) 337-5858 so we can help you avoid further disruptions to your home and family.

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Qué Hacer Cuando Hay que Remover Agua de su Hogar en El Centro

1/28/2019 (Permalink)

Llame a SERVPRO de El Centro/Salton City cuando necesite servicios inmediatos de daños por agua.

SERVPRO Está Aquí Para Ayudar Cuando Se Producen Daños Por Agua En Su Hogar

Hay eventos que son muy claros- una inundación, una lluvia torrencial, una tubería rota. Estos eventos pueden dejar a su hogar rebalsado de agua y a usted y a su familia con la necesidad de una solución inmediata. Sin embargo, el agua también puede invadir su hogar gradualmente sin que usted se dé cuenta. Aun si luce como agua limpia, es importante que tome acción y la remueva de su hogar lo más pronto posible.

Cuando hay que remover agua en su hogar en El Centro nuestro equipo especializado de SERVPRO está listo para ayudarlo con sus servicios. Aunque hay veces que la necesidad de un especialista es evidente, acumulaciones de agua menores también pueden requerir el servicio de técnicos de remediación de agua para prevenir mayores daños y proteger la salud de su familia. Después de contactarnos, podemos enviar un equipo de técnicos entrenados a su hogar para evaluar el daño y elaborar un plan específico para extraer el agua restante, secar la estructura del hogar y sus contenidos. Al igual que usted, nuestra meta es llevar a su hogar a su condición original a la vez que evitamos más daños y la proliferación de bacterias debido a los depósitos de agua. "Como que nada pasó."

Nuestro equipo de SERVPRO no sólo está entrenado para hacer inventario de los daños, pero también llega a su hogar con tecnología de avanzada diseñada para identificar las áreas problemáticas, actuar sobre ellas y verificar que el agua ha sido removida completamente. Algunos de estos instrumentos son termo-higrómetros, cámaras con tecnología infrarroja y medidores de humedad. A lo largo de este proceso nuestros técnicos también pueden ser un recurso en la coordinación con agentes del seguro o contratistas para lograr la restauración de su casa. El paso más importante en este proyecto es llamarnos tan pronto usted identifique la presencia de agua en su hogar, aun cuando el daño parezca pequeño. Un depósito de agua desatendido puede convertirse en fuente de daños extensos y afectar su salud. Todo esto se puede evitar con una llamada a tiempo a nuestra oficina.

En SERVPRO de El Centro/Salton City, estamos listos para ayudarlo las 24 horas del día, 7 días de la semana por medio de nuestro equipo de respuesta rápida. Sólo llámenos al (760) 337-5858 y permítanos ayudarlo a evitar mayores inconvenientes para usted y su familia.

Para más información sobre la ciudad de El Centro, haga clic aquí

A Primer on Water Removal for Your Yuma Home or Property

11/14/2018 (Permalink)

Air movers drying a wet office wall. SERVPRO uses specialized equipment for water removal.

The Benefits of Contacting SERVPRO’s Water Removal Experts In Yuma

Did you know that one of the most significant issues regarding improper water removal during flooding in Yuma homes is mold growth? Homeowners that neglect to take immediate action or mishandle water removal can often experience unnecessary damages, lowered property values, or even severe risks to their health. Mold can be a big part of those problems. 

Yuma area water removal technicians handle a variety of situations every day. A quality company sends trained personnel that understands the three categories of water damage and how they affect your property and the health of the residents.

The first water category is "clean water" which is water that comes from a potable water source. The second category is "grey water" which contains some measure of containments, although not at a level that could cause severe illness or death. The third category is very harmful, it is "black water."  Sewage is an example of black water.

Each category of water requires specific actions because even clean water can transform into black water over the course of time as bacteria begin to infect the water. The EPA says that standing clean water can become as dangerous as black water within 48 hours.

Also, as water and moisture make the interior of a structure damp and humid, microbial such as mold can begin to grow. This is especially true in places like Yuma where high temperatures can accelerate mold growth.

Having water damage of any kind inside a home or commercial building calls for competent professional help. The technicians at SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to perform quality services throughout El Centro and the Yuma ares. (760) 377-5858

Of note, Yuma is the sunniest year-round place in the nation. Click here for other facts about Yuma.

What Is A Professional Water Damage Restorer?

9/14/2018 (Permalink)

We have the tools and technology to clean and restore your Yuma home from water damage.

Learn How Our SERVPRO Team Can Restore Your Yuma Residence 

You might find specific instances or disasters that strike your Yuma residence that are out of your ability to clean up or repair. In these cases, it is often a wise decision to choose professional restoration services to help you return your property to the way that it used to be. Depending on how severe the damage is, acting quickly could help you speed up the restoration process and help to keep your costs down as well.

Water damage in your Yuma home can prove very challenging to overcome. Regardless of the source of this damage, water moves quickly and can affect many areas of your home over just a brief period. When you call in a restoration team to help you clean up the mess and dry out the damage, a small team of our SERVPRO water damage restorers gets sent out to your home. You might want to know what they intend to do when they arrive.

First, these experienced professionals are going to make their assessment of the damage that has occurred in your home. This process occurs with a thorough inspection throughout all of the affected areas and utilizes specialized equipment to see into hidden spaces and between walls to isolate moisture that must get addressed to restore the house successfully.

Another thing that you are going to be able to expect from our SERVPRO professionals is a rapid response. We strive to arrive as quickly as possible to help lessen the effects of the water loss incident and ultimately keep your costs lower. We have the experience and the equipment to offer an efficient final result.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

While you might not always see the need for professional restoration services for your home, water damages require experience and unique equipment to overcome promptly. Our SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City technicians are standing by at (760) 337-5858 to help you restore your home after the lingering effects of water damages.

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Qué Es Un Restaurador De Daños Por Agua?

9/14/2018 (Permalink)

Nuestros técnicos están disponibles 24/7/365 para ayudarte con daños causados por el agua.

Aprende Cómo Nuestro Equipo De SERVPRO Puede Restaurar Su Residencia en Yuma

Es posible que encuentre desastres que afecten su residencia en Yuma y que estén fuera de su capacidad de limpieza o reparación. En estos casos, es una sabia decisión escoger servicios professionales de restauración para ayudarlo a devolver su propiedad como era antes. Dependiendo de qué tan grave sea el daño, actuar rápidamente podría ayudarlo a acelerar el proceso de restauración y también a reducir sus costos. 

El daño causado por el agua en su casa de Yuma puede ser muy difícil de superar. A pesar de el origen del daño, Independientemente de la fuente de este daño, el agua se mueve rápidamente y puede afectar muchas áreas de su hogar en un corto período de tiempo. Cuando llamas a un equipo de restauración para que te ayude a limpiar el desorden y secar el daño, un pequeño equipo de nuestros restauradores de daños por agua sale a tu casa. Es posible que desee saber qué piensan hacer cuando lleguen.

Primero, estos professionales harán su evaluación del daño que ha ocurrido en su hogar. Este proceso sucede con una inspección en todas las áreas afectadas y utiliza un equipo especializado para ver espacios ocultos y entre paredes para aislar la humedad que debe abordarse para restaurar la casa con éxito. 

Otra cosa que podrá esperar de nuestros professionales de SERVPRO es una respuesta rápida. Nos esforzamos por llegar lo más rápido posible para ayudar a reducir  los efectos del incidente de pérdida de agua y, en última instancia, mantener sus costos más bajos. Tenemos la experiencia y el equipamiento para ofrecer un resultado final eficiente.

Empresa Local Con Recursos Nacionales

Aunque bien es posible que no siempre vea la necesidad de contar con servicios professionales de restauración para su hogar, los daños causados por el agua requieren experiencia y equipos únicos para superarlos rápidamente. Nuestros técnicos de SERVPRO de El Centro / Salton City están disponibles al (760) 337-5858 para ayudarlo a restaurar su hogar después de los efectos del agua.

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Professional Water Cleanup in Brawley

8/5/2018 (Permalink)

After flooding caused by your washing machine, it is best to call in the professional technicians at SERVPRO to remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians are Ready to Help Dry Out a Water Damage Emergency Regardless of the Source

You do not realize how much you depend on the integrity of the plumbing and appliances in your Brawley home until you suffer from a significant leak or pipe breakage. The loosening of a wax seal on a toilet, break in a supply line to a kitchen or bathroom sink, or a broken washing machine pump or hose can spell disaster, especially if it happens when you are away from home at work or traveling. We are committed to delivering expert help to you fast.
Water cleanup in Brawley is not a do-it-yourself task when hundreds or even thousands of gallons escape from a burst pipe or malfunctioning appliance. A shop vac might be able to suck up an accidental spill, but when the water continues to pour through the plumbing or out of the appliance, it cannot accomplish the job. Our business exists in part to help members of our community recover from unexpected water catastrophes. Investments in high-efficiency equipment and well-trained technicians support our efforts to deliver these services.
When we arrive, expect us to locate and turn off the water supply immediately if you have not already done so. The SERVPRO crew chief then assesses the extent of the water incursion, determining which spaces in your home need water removal and structural drying. We often suggest a pack out of belongings in the water-saturated areas, inventorying and relocating these items to a dry area on your property or at our production facility for thorough review away from the water cleanup activity in your home.
SERVPRO service vehicles are packed with submersible pumps, water extractors, and a range of drying equipment so the project can proceed without delay. If the electricity is disconnected because of safety concerns, our trucks carry portable power generators so we can commence and complete water removal. Our employees ensure all cavities and recesses are scanned for trapped water as we work because any lingering moisture can cause progressive deterioration of building materials and expose your dwelling to the risk of mold growth.
After the majority of the water is eliminated, SERVPRO employees use their IICRC training in drying science to take moisture measurements to determine drying goals. Air movers, dehumidifiers, and heat team up to create the optimum environment for rapid evaporation of water from structural components and fixtures.
SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City has the technicians and high-efficiency equipment to quickly and thoroughly clean up a water emergency at your home. Call our office 24/7 at (760) 337-5858 to set up an inspection and begin planning for water removal as soon as possible.

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How Water Damage Can Affect Wood Flooring In Your Calexico Home

7/12/2018 (Permalink)

Even smaller-scale water damage in your Calexico residence can threaten the look and performance of the hardwood flooring.

Water Damage Can Affect Wood Flooring

As is customary in modern home construction, your Calexico residence likely has hardwood flooring through several areas of your residence. While carpeting remains a favorite for most of the rooms, high traffic areas are easier to clean and maintain with a hardwood approach. The trouble is, when water incidents occur, the integrity and functionality of these planks become compromised.

Even smaller-scale water damage in your Calexico residence can threaten the look and performance of the hardwood flooring. Better understanding the damage that water can do to this material in your house can help you to better appreciate your need for restoration services when these events occur.

Too often homeowners are encouraged to clean up their own messes and do their best to dry up water damages that have occurred. The trouble is, if the area does not get completely dried correctly, your wood flooring is susceptible to several types of disfigurement. From what our SERVPRO professionals have seen in area homes, this damage appears in one of three ways: warping/ buckling, cupping or crowning.

Warping is a result of the wood absorbing more moisture than it should. While wood flooring might always contain nearly 10% of moisture in their makeup, any more than this and the material expands beyond its average size. Once this expansion has begun, it is often an inevitability to have these newly larger planks begin to press against one another. If not addressed quickly, these newfound damages could lead to the need for replacement of the materials themselves.

Another concern that our SERVPRO professionals often encounter is cupping or crowning. Cupping involves the edges of the planks getting more saturated from a water damage event than any other part. The result with expansion is a cupped shape of the individual pieces. If caught early enough, these situations can often get resolved with sanding. This damage differs from crowning, which raises the middle of a plank up as a result of more moisture seeping into the top of the wood. This kind of damage cannot get sanded down and restored very often.

Properly cleaning up significant spills and damages to your home is critical to prevent lasting and irreparable damages to the wood flooring. You can count on our SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City water damage technicians to help you clean up and thoroughly dry up the damage quickly, so you can keep the floors you have in top form. Give us a call today at (760) 337-5858.

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Your Water Pipe Burst -- Now What? 4 Steps To Clean Up

3/18/2018 (Permalink)

Bursting pipes are no fun for homeowners in El Centro, CA. Although your water pipes can break down for a number of different reasons, the potential hazards are the same: flooding, water damage, and even harmful mold. If a pipe breaks in your home, there are four steps you should take right away.

1. Immediately shut off the main water valve. The amount of damage done to your property is due in part to how quickly you discover the problem. Shutting off your water can help minimize any water damage that may have already begun. If you’re lucky, it should prevent any damage at all.

2. Avoid using electrical appliances. Stay far away from any electrical products. If you can do so safely, turn off your home’s electricity. It is dangerous—and even life-threatening—to come into contact with electricity while standing in water.

3. Call a plumber. Once you’ve turned off the water and ensured your safety by cutting the electricity, hire a plumber to fix the broken pipe. You should address the main offender, but you should also prevent further bursting pipes. While the plumber is at your house, he or she can do a full assessment of your plumbing and service other problem areas if necessary.

4. Call a cleanup service. The fallout from broken water pipes often requires quick intervention. Cleaning up can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. A cleanup service can take this job off your hands and also give you peace of mind that the job is being done correctly. These professionals are typically skilled in preventing and removing mold, eliminating standing water, and cleaning damaged items. The sooner you get help, the more likely you are to salvage your property.

If bursting pipes have damaged your house in El Centro, CA it’s important to take swift action. Turn off your water, keep yourself safe from electrical accidents, and call in the experts. Visit for more information on water damage. 

Tips for Staying Safe and Sane When a Pipe Breaks

1/18/2018 (Permalink)

Homeownership has its rewards, but when bursting pipes leave your home flooded, it’s normal to panic.

No one is expecting to see water gushing into a previously dry room. How do you stay safe and sane after a pipe breaks?

The best thing to do when a broken pipe causes water damage in El Centro, CA is to call a professional. Remember, a flooded room can cause the following:

  • Water damage to walls, furniture, and belongings
  • Damage to insulation, which must then be replaced
  • Growth of mold and bacteria hazardous to your health

Standing water can also attract insects, so it is important to address the broken pipe and flooding as soon as possible. The following tips will help you stay protected throughout the process while providing you with peace of mind.

Stay Calm and Turn Off the Water

It can be easy to panic, but try to stay calm and remember that the first step when you have bursting pipes must be to stop the flooding. To turn off the water, you’ll need to find the stop valve on the water main. You can usually find this where the main service line connects to your house, or under the kitchen sink. You should make sure everyone in your family knows where the shutoff valve is located so the water can be turned off quickly in emergencies.

Get to Safety and Call a Professional

Once the water has been shut off, you should immediately get to safety. This is especially important if the water is contaminated, as it can be a serious health hazard. Once you are safely in a dry area, call a professional to fix the broken pipe and clean up the mess.

Trust the Professionals to Dry the Area

Even if the water damage from bursting pipes initially seems minor, you should contact a professional water restoration company when you have water damage in El Centro, CA. Professionals will ensure the area is dry and free from mold and bacteria, keeping you and your family safe.

Visit SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City for more information about water restoration.

What Not To Do After a Pipe Breaks

1/18/2018 (Permalink)

Panic: It's the one thing that business owners around El Centro, CA, need to stop doing when they see bursting pipes on their property. That doesn't mean that you should take it easy if you have water damage in El Centro. Wet conditions are the precursors to all kinds of nasty problems, including:

• Black mold
• Unpleasant smells
• Rotting material

Don’t Put Off Cleanup

Act quickly to reduce your risk of falling prey to these persistent undesirables. If there's even a sliver of a doubt regarding the completeness of your cleanup and drying processes, take a second or third look at your site to prevent these issues.

Don’t Forget to Check Everywhere

Unfortunately, black mold is one of the trademark issues with flooded buildings. Even after you fix a broken pipe and dry up the area, this mold can pop up seemingly out of nowhere. The issue with black mold is that it requires very little moisture to propagate its spores and create massive toxic colonies. Bursting pipes spray, drip and soak, creating a larger footprint than you might imagine. All affected materials should be removed to avoid mold. It is also prudent to dry any crawlspaces or wall cavities thoroughly, by cutting ventilation holes if necessary. Most good water cleanup companies will know just how much needs to be done to get you back to business as usual.

Don’t Ignore Odors

The issues surrounding most secondary water problems pale in comparison to the health hazards and persistence of black mold. Nasty smells can be just as damaging to businesses, however: driving away customers and making workers uncomfortable or unhappy. Rotting material, apart from producing odor, also provides habitats for pests and potentially weakens your building's structure.

The bottom line is that it's better to get your water issues cleaned up as soon as you have a chance. Secondary damage from bursting pipes is costly, both in terms of cleanup invoices and diminished stakeholder confidence.

Visit SERVPRO of El Centro/Salton City at for more information about water restoration.

What You Need to Know About Asbestos And Lead Abatement

11/24/2017 (Permalink)

What You Need to Know About Asbestos And Lead Abatement

Lead Abatement and Asbestos in Calexico CA and Imperial CA is an extremely serious condition. A test must be conducted to insure the health of the residents is insured. The dangerous substances must then be removed. We often see the issue of Asbestos after a water loss needs some demolition.

Once the owners of the property become aware of a potential problem the issues must be addressed and action must be taken quickly. This problem can occur in both residences and commercial locations. The best way to start is to contact professionals with the experience, expertise, skills, training and equipment required to deal with the problem immediately.

The owner of the property should not waste any time and a reputable company needs to be contacted. There are numerous companies in El Centro and Salton City with excellent reputations who are familiar with the test required. They are capable of removing the abatements as well as any bad odor.

Due to the seriousness of this particular issue companies offering low prices are questionable. The licenses of companies in Calexico CA and Imperial CA need to be verified. You should also verify the personnel's qualifications. Most companies have reviews on their websites that will give you a good general idea regarding the experience and efficiency of the company and their qualifications in testing for Lead Abatement.

When the professionals first arrive at your property they will begin by using several different types of protocols. Keeping all the individuals who live in the home as well as everyone in the neighborhood safe from any danger should be the top priority. The professionals will be prepared and wearing protective clothing and protective gear to ensure their safety while they complete the job.

These workers are easily recognized in El Centro and Salton City CA because it is a requirement that their faces are covered so dangerous materials are not breathed in during the testing and procedures for removal.

When asbestos abatement and lead are removed from an old home or business property the process can be responsible for both a bad odor and hazardous materials to enter to atmosphere. The professionals in CA have also been trained to completely remove all of the lead from the site that has been affected. This can't be properly accomplished unless the individuals have received the correct training.

The law states that even construction works are not able to legally remove this type of waste from any site that has been affected. The owner of the business or home is responsible for making certain everyone involved is following the law. Companies specializing in the removal of abatements will inspect the location and give you an estimate for the services required to resolve the situation. This will be done before they go to work.

The estimate you receive will vary depending on the way the situation needs to be treated. A lot of experts will recommend that buildings and homes in Salton City and El Centro be inspected each year. This helps in the avoidance of a hazardous situation. Material will seep from the same locations and only the experts can truly understand the situation.

Recovering From Water Damage as a Property Owner

9/28/2017 (Permalink)

Recovering From Water Damage as a Property Owner

Property owners can be faced with different types of losses. Some losses, such as water damage, are more common than others. Many property owners have never been faced with water in a home or water in a business. However, these losses do occur. It's important for owners to know what to do and expect to have the best flood damage restoration possible.

The first step is to find the water source and shut it off to prevent additional flood damage. Two common culprits involved in a flooded home or business include supply line breaks and pipe breaks. Stopping the water may be as simple as turning off a faucet when there is a supply line break. With pipe breaks, a plumber may be needed.

With the water off, personal property should be removed from affected areas. Items may need to be discarded if they cannot be saved from flood damage. Salvageable items should be cleaned and stored. Water in a home or water in a business follows the path of least resistance. Make sure that affected items are thoroughly inspected.

The next step involves water cleanup and drying. For water extraction, call a water restoration company. While a ShopVac can be used initially in a flooded home or business, water restoration companies have professional equipment to expedite the water cleanup.

Flooring and walls may not be salvageable. Drying them may not be possible. Soggy, wet carpet can delaminate. Soggy, wet drywall can lose its integrity. With non-salvageable items cleaned out, a restoration company can continue with water cleanup.

Fans and dehumidifiers are critical to drying and mitigation. This process can take several days or weeks depending on the degree of water damage present. Without water cleanup, additional restoration is a waste of time when working to recover from flood damage.

Professional water mitigation companies check moisture levels using devices that measure the moisture percentage. Once the moisture is at an acceptable level and drying is complete, additional mitigation can begin.

Sanitizing the affected areas and preventing mold and mildew are important steps. Not treating can result in unsightly reminders of the loss in addition to health concerns that can develop from water in a home or water in a business. Professionals have the products needed to prevent such occurrences.

Now, water damage mitigation is complete but there may be a need for further restoration. A restoration company can assist with reconstruction that needs to take place or will have partnering companies to handle the reconstruction. Estimates should be prepared. Agreement should be reached on the scope of work and the materials. Once an agreement is reached, reconstruction can begin.

Reconstruction from water damage typically involves replacing and refinishing drywall. With drywall restored, surfaces can be painted. New baseboard can be installed and painted. Paneling and wallpaper may also require replacement in a flooded home or business.

With the walls back in place, flooring can be addressed. Subflooring may require replacement. Finish flooring can be installed whether it be carpeting, hardwoods, tile, or laminate.

With walls and floors complete, fixtures and appliances can be moved back and reinstalled. Plumbers or electricians may be needed to deal with certain items. Now, would be a good time to see what can be done to prevent future pipe breaks or supply line breaks.

Finally, it's time to move back in. Furnishings removed when the water damage was first discovered can be returned. Porous items that took on water and moisture should have already been discarded if they were not salvageable.

Water damage losses are one of the most common types of losses property owners face. Water in a home or water in a business can be overwhelming and leave owners wondering if property will ever be the same again. Fortunately, a good restoration company can successfully restore a flooded home or property when a pipe break or a supply line break creates unexpected havoc.
Visit for more information on water damage.

When Water Damage Strikes

8/16/2017 (Permalink)

When Water Damage Strikes

Water damage or flood damage can be one of the most costly expenses that we have to face when maintaining our home or business. Unfortunately, water damage and flood damage, along with being one of the most expenses that we have to account for, it is also one of the most common. Water damage and flood damage can occur suddenly, or build up steadily over time, and due to this, time is often the most imperative factor to consider. When dealing with water in a business or water in the home, time is usually not on our sides, and taking a proactive approach to dealing with the water cleanup process can save a lot of time, as well as money and residual property damage. The goal for many faced with water in the home or water in the business is to complete the restoration process, while successfully implementing full-on damage mitigation.

Mitigation of damages is a direct result of the time it takes to complete the restoration process. When seeking the mitigation of damages during an incident when there is water in the home or water in a business, the first step is to contact your insurance company. When talking to your insurance company, it is important to detail the severity of the incident, as well as to give them all of your pertinent information. The insurance company that you receive your services from will often work hand in hand with a restoration company in your area, making it easier to find a company that can handle your needs. When choosing a restoration company, it is necessary to detail the severity of the incident that you have encountered in order to gain a full perspective of the services that they are capable of delivering, as well as the costs and timetable for full restoration.

The services that a restoration company is allowed to offer may vary from state to state and many are not licensed to handle repairs that go beyond the initial water cleanup and drying. Due to the unpredictable nature of water damage and flood damage, a restoration company will usually be available to assess and handle your needs. During water cleanup, it is important to gain a full understanding of the responsibilities of your restoration company, as well as your insurance company due to the fact that they are providing you with a service that should be done to your satisfaction.

One of the major culprits when facing water damage or flood damage due to standing water in the home or water in a business is often a supply line break or a pipe break. In a flooded home, a supply line break or a pipe break can occur for a myriad of reasons. Inclement weather, such as snow that causes freezing, can often be the cause of a supply line break or a pipe break. Detailing the factors surrounding the supply line break or pipe break to the company you’ve chosen for your home’s restoration is important due to the fact that these breaks can often be hidden behind a wall, leading to long-term damage or increased costs.

When dealing with a flooded home, drying is the final step of the water cleanup process. Drying is one of the most important steps when facing a flooded home, as it wraps up the process and ensures the mitigation of further damages. During the drying process, the restoration company will bring in industrial strength pumps to completely rid your home of the standing water. The drying process, while restoring your home to its original form, will also ensure that unwanted mold or microbial life does not begin to develop. A flooded home can come out of nowhere, bringing along with it a myriad of expensive and unnecessary costs when handled incorrectly. Be sure to contact the proper company to conduct the restoration of your home or business.
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What is Water Damage Mitigation?

7/20/2017 (Permalink)

What is Water Damage Mitigation?

Once the floods subside, you might not know where to start. The only way to determine the cost of restoration is to eliminate the water from your flooded home. The flood damage will take its toll on the floor as well as the drywall, meaning that you must get rid of the water in home surfaces as soon as possible. If the water in business storage tanks starts to leak, it can cause some unsightly discolorations on the ceiling. Drying a home will also include eliminating the moist air through the ventilation system. As you start the drying process, eliminate all the contaminants in your home with the appropriate disinfectants.

Undertake a water cleanup before drying
Eliminating the foul water from the drains and sewer is vital if you want to restore the freshness in your home. Before you start drying the home, get rid of the rotten pieces of wood. If some sections of the floor in your flooded home have started to warp, discard them as well. By drying the surfaces as soon as possible, you can minimize the cost of home restoration since you can prevent the water in home floors from causing further deterioration of the wooden surfaces. As you dry the surfaces, remember to give your home a water cleanup. Cleaning up the water in home floors and walls can reduce the moisture that contributes to the disintegration of various building materials. In addition, flood mitigation can help to prevent the water in home reservoirs from getting to the floor.

Inspect the plumbing system in your flooded home

Inspecting the water reticulation system will help you to identify the supply line breaks and repair them before they start causing problems. As such, the prospect of pumping the water in home verandahs can be quite difficult for many homeowners. Even if you think that the supply line break is a trivial issue, you should not ignore it. Leakages can cause huge problems that might become costly to amend in the future if you do not act quickly. However, a pipe break can cause extensive damage when the water starts to leak. If you have a pipe break within a wall, you might have to break a portion of the wall to expose the supply line break. If you do not have the skills or gear to undertake such operations, you should leave it to the professionals. If the water in business channels is not flowing, you are likely to experience some flooding problems during a storm.

Mitigation also involves inspecting the water reservoirs

As the restoration company inspects the pipe break, it is vital to look at the reservoirs. Poorly constructed water reservoirs can cause leakages in your building. Many businesses have large reservoirs of water for their daily needs. If you have water in business floors, you should remember to inspect the plumbing system as you deal with the floods. As such, drying the home fast is a sure way to cut the cost of home restoration since you will salvage some building materials. The water in business trenches should flow smoothly during a storm. Before you start cleaning up the mess, be sure to address the source of the problem.

Minimizing the flood damage

If there is flood damage in the basement, the restoration company will investigate the possibility of a supply line break. While you can use a vacuum to extract a small amount of water, a flooded home will require professional intervention to address the problem. Beware of the risk if electrocution in your flooded home. The water damage professional has the pumps you need to eliminate the water. In some cases, you might have to dig some trenches to facilitate the flow of water. The water damage consultant will prevent the water from lingering around the entrance since it can seep into the foundation. Repairing the foundation cracks is a sure way to reduce the flood damage in your property.

Mitigation is a key part of the water damage restoration. As you undertake the water cleanup, check out for other signs of water damage such as rot or mold development. Repairing the pipe break can save the restoration company some time and effort during the water cleanup. The restoration company will undertake a comprehensive study of your home’s vulnerability to floods.
Visit for more information on water damage.

Why Get Help With Water Damage?

4/22/2017 (Permalink)

Why Get Help With Water Damage?

Water damage can cause many different issues, and whether you have water in your home or water in your business, you want to call it professional as soon as you can. The water damage restoration process needs to begin as quickly as possible after flood damage. Here's some information about the causes of water damage and an explanation of the water cleanup process.

Expect the Worst

Water in a home or water in a business will cause destructive processes like the rotting of wood, the growth of bacteria, and the rusting of steel. Water damage can be something as small as water spots or something as major as flood damage. Some insurance policies cover water damage restoration. If you are in an area that often gets flooded it would be a good choice to get insurance against flood damage.

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage is often caused by stressed or broken plumbing releasing water in your home. Something as small as an eighth-inch crack can release 250 gallons of water a day causing extensive water damage and requiring water cleanup. Many companies may specialize in the mitigation of flood damage. Others may do great work in water damage restoration. No matter who you choose, make sure the water cleanup starts as soon as possible.

Assessment of Flood Damage

Mitigation of your flood damage problem generally begins with an assessment. After a specialist has checked your house out, they can start water cleanup. They will begin by removing your personal affects and extracting all the water. They can then initiate the drying process by using air movement. Drying water damage is one of the most important steps in water damage restoration. Large fans that produce a lot of air movement along with a dehumidifier helps to speed the drying process.

Factors of Damage

How much water and how long it's been there both affect the mitigation of flood damage. Water in your home or water in your business has a tendency to create more damage the longer it is left. It's usually not as simple as just drying everything out either. If possible, open some windows to get some natural air movement as quick as possible and then call a professional.

Where Does it End?

Mitigation ends when the air movement has successfully dried up all the water in your business or home. The workers will put all of your belonging back where they belong and leave your place looking good as new, if you picked the right company.

Damage to your home from water can be disastrous if it is not taken care of quickly and completely. It can cause many problems with your home and even make it uninhabitable. Contact reliable water damage restoration experts today and see what they can do for you. Visit for more information on water damage.

How To Effectively Handle Property Flooding

4/22/2017 (Permalink)

How To Effectively Handle Property Flooding

For people who are faced with water damage in their home or property, the feeling can be overwhelming. The first concern always in any flood damage or water damage situation is to secure the life of all the inhabitants. Certainly, water in a home or water in a business can feel overwhelming for any property owner, but once everyone is evacuated safely the threat of preserving life is usually minimized and mitigation can begin. However, as is the case with any disaster whether it is storm related or from plumbing defects, the flood damage in the property should be inspected to ensure the building did not suffer substantial damage to the structural integrity before habitation is resumed.

After it is assessed that the structure of the property is stable then the next step is to properly address the water in the home or the water in the business is properly handled through a process known as water damage mitigation and water damage restoration. This is most often accomplished through drying and air movement accomplished with special equipment that professional water damage restoration companies utilize specifically designed to remove excess water.

While water cleanup after flooding may seem simple, proper water damage restoration and water cleanup is usually a significant process and is usually best handled by a professional flood damage and flood mitigation specialist. One of the significant health hazards that can be of concern for property owners after there has been water in a home or water in a business is mold. When flood damage is not properly attended to through drying, air movement and proper mitigation, the water that seeped into the walls and floors can become a breeding ground for mold spores which does pose a significant health risk. That is why water cleanup after any water in a home or water in a business that is substantial be as thorough as possible. Mold spores can surface even up to a year or two later if the moisture is retained in a building structure from the original flood. Often this occurs when the drying process was incomplete due to a lack of proper air movement during the clean-up process.

Most people think if their walls and floors look clean they are free from worry. However, mold spores can also often be found lurking behind walls or subflooring. Because of this, it is very important to be proactive and thorough with all rooms and areas that are affected and in need of water damage restoration. This can include basements and crawl spaces. The good news is that in many cases, if the water is removed from the property quickly and the water cleanup is handled in a comprehensive way including properly drying out all rooms and subflooring, the damage sustained can be reduced significantly. A water mitigation specialist accomplishes this by using professional water mitigation equipment that ensures there is sufficient air movement in all areas of the structure during the drying process. This will protect the building from getting any long-term mold or structural problems from the original water damage. Visit for more information on water damage restoration.

Water and Flood Cleanup in El Centro

3/24/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage in El Centro, CA

Water and Flood Cleanup in El Centro

Most residents are living with the misleading notion that water damage happens only from experiencing floods. However residents frequently do not understand that even a tiny quantity of water from damaged pipes, may develop into costly problems. Water damage happens to virtually every residence in CA.

Residents are advised to be prepared to handle any flood damage in addition to any damage mitigation. Obviously, there is a limit to what can be accomplished to avoid water in home, residents can practice for speedy responses to avoid further damage in El Centro and Salton City. If you are a resident in Imperial CA and Calexico, CA, water damage is a widespread occasion.

It is important to trace and turn off any water found to be flowing in El Centro and Salton City as well as Calexico CA and Imperial CA residences. Find the source of water in business or water in home and turn it off. In a lot of places, the water can be found leaking from a pipe. Try to shut off the stream of water. When it is clear that the predicament is from the plumbing but any actual leaking is untraceable as to the location of it, turning off the water needs to occur immediately.

The water needs to remain shut off while a specialist is locating the area of the actual water loss to repair the situation. A specialist is trained to locate the source of the leak and conduct necessary fixes. In certain conditions a DIY fix might work, some leaks need specialist gear for generating air movement. Calling a specialist might save a resident a large quantity of effort and money.

If the dilemma is caused by water in business, it is key to call a water mitigation service. It might seem as if it is an easy matter to fix the water in home by yourself, a specialist is more knowledgeable with the correct methods to mitigate any flood damage. A resident should not hesitate contacting the insurance services for consent to notify a water repair service. It is practical that they help with repairs prior to attempting to call the insurance people.

It is crucial that all power is shut off. The homeowner should be dry before coming into contact with the power switch. When the power is turned off, remove the appliances and position them on dry spots. Water removal is critical as flood mitigation is an imperative act to take. If the residence is already wet, air movement to dry them is key. Move the property outside unless its raining, or relocate the items to a place with air movement to dry them.

If items are too heavy, rent drying gear. Expert water extraction services, are able to take out the flood water. Their services use special gear for drying out areas to ensure that mold will not grow. The extraction specialists will be capable of helping with any paperwork regarding damages that should be reported to the insurance company. Visit for more information on water damage and the restoration process.

How to Recover From a Water Loss in El Centro and Salton City, CA

3/6/2017 (Permalink)

How to Recover From a Water Loss in El Centro and Salton City, CA

Handling a water damage situation in CA can have quite detrimental effects on the value and conditions of any home. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not necessarily know what the importance is of ensuring their homes are well taken care of. Their necessities of implementing maintenance/repair tasks increases tremendously as flood damage occurs. Water in home will need to be removed to assure the homeowners of a myriad of things that are pertinent to their health, well being, and even their pockets (regarding their own budgeting).

Water in a business can have drastic implications on the operations of any business. If you are dealing with extreme cases of mitigation from unexpected incidents of water damage, then please contact one of the specialists of Imperial, CA. They will be more than happy to assist you with your needs of alleviating flood damage that may have been caused from either leaky faucets, pipelines, drains, or natural disasters. Drying through the means of utilizing machinery, equipment and special forms of skills that are possessed by the professionals of El Centro and Salton City is a form of remediation that is not recommended for anyone to conduct on their own as they could injure themselves by slipping or falling into deep waters if the flooding has reached an unusually high level.

Although drying carpeting or tiles after there has been water in home or water in business is typically seen as being time consuming, it is imperative to know that there are many ways to shorten the length of time it takes to resolve the severe instances of mitigation by acquiring the services of a professional. The air movement is another aspect of home maintenance/repairs that needs to be tended to by a skilled professional of Calexico in CA as they have necessary tools and equipment for clearing homes with dangerous substances in as little as time as possible without causing harm to anyone, which is always a risk for anyone who may not have adequate training and knowledge of the proper methods of clearing a home. The air movement needs to be clean within a household's premises so that residents can breathe freely without having any bacteria or smoke affect their lungs.

El Centro and Salton City have some of the most proficient professionals working in the home remediation departments, thus, giving the community opportunities of either retaining or improving their homes conditions through reliable work of maintenance, remediation, and/or adjustment. Calexico is a great city to live in but one that is just like any other city in regards to having potential incidents of unexpected damaging occurring within the premises of the homes within the communities.

If you are in Imperial CA and need to recover certain parts of your home or business due to damaging that has been caused by flooding, please contact one of the remediation experts to schedule an appointment today. They will provide you with a list of options as far as picking a time slot for the appointment goes as you will be on your way to receiving the case that you need to live in a home that provides you with a healthy environment again. Visit for more information on water damage.

Dealing with a Water Loss in El Centro, CA

10/20/2016 (Permalink)

How a family handles a water loss in the El Centro and Salton City, Calexico, and Imperial CA areas is critical to how they recover from what could be a pretty bad experence. The houses in the areas of Imperial CA and Calexico CA can be hit pretty hard due to fires because of the heat, and all the major rains that come through the area every year could cause major problems that all have to do with flooding.

The flash flooding that happens in the area is a major problem, and that is why someone who owns a home or business needs to be ready for water damage, flood damage, water in home and water in business problems. Mitigation includes drying the area and a lot of air movement that can be created in the house using industrial gear and the right practices as defined by the industry. The company has to come in and figure out how to make the house more conducive to drying, and they need to get rid of all the other water they found. They have to search every part of the house, and they have to be sure that they have chosen to have someone check the house and even rebuild parts of it. The rebuilding that is done is meant to make sure that water cannot get into these parts of the home again.

The house itself is such a large space that someone has to check it with an infrared system, or they need to use remote cameras that will give them a better idea of what is going on. They can dry and clean everything in the house, and they will do an inspection for mold. Mold becomes the biggest problem in these cases because it can grow for a very long time if no one has noticed it. That is a very big problem, and it becomes a major issues that people cannot deal with alone.

The water damage, flood damage, water in home and water in business all have to be fixed before the house or the building gets too damaged. There are so many levels the damage can happen on, and then the people who do the mitigation must use the most intense equipment possible to remove the water.

They can set up the house to create better chances for drying, and they can create more air movement than the house at the time. El Centro and Salton City CA locations are prone to this kind of flooding, and the house has to be fortified against these problems as soon as possible. The flooding might not be nearly as bad, and it is possible that it will not happen at all when the house is ready. The mitigation company will want to come in at least once a year to check their work, and they can work on an emergency basis when there has been a major storm system come through the area and flooded buildings citywide. 

Handling a Water Loss in El Centro and Salton City,

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Whether you live in El Centro, Calexico, Salton City or Imperial, CA, there is the potential that you will suffer loss from water or flood damage. Water is ever present in homes and businesses and necessary to our daily lives, however water in homes is also a frequent cause of damage, whether from leaky pipes or roofs, overflowing sinks and bath tubs or from weather and natural occurrences. In US homes, 98 percent suffer water damage sometime during the lifetime of the home. It only takes one to four inches of water to cause a loss of $7,800 on average. Leaky plumbing can cause as much as $17,000 in damage. Other sources of damage include that from rising water, floods and storms which can result in damage to floors, walls and ceilings as well as ruin carpets, furniture and appliances. The same applies to water in business. There is also health risks associated with water such as risk of serious illness, toxic and contaminated matter, and the resulting mold and bacteria. In the event of water damage occurring in your home or business, avoid potential damage and health issues by contacting professionals trained in water mitigation, water or flood damage and restoration.

Once it is safe to survey the damage caused or suspected by water, making a list of all damaged or destroyed properties and related expenses should be made for insurance purposes. This can help to pay for the restoration of your property. Air movement and drying the affected areas are measures best handled by a professional to prevent further contamination. If you can smell a damp, musky odor, although there is no outward signs or appearance of damage, you should contact a professional that has the proper equipment and training to measure moisture level to help identify the cause. Water or moisture allows mold and mildew to grow in air ducts, between walls, in crawl spaces and other places not visible to the naked eye. Those trained in water restoration can track moisture, detect damage, find and eliminate mold, mildew and microbial infections as well as facilitate the proper air movement and drying. Taking steps as quickly as possible to mitigate the problem can reduce property damage, prevent further damage and increases the probability of restoring you property. This is a public health matter with water in business. Damage caused by plumbing problems, storms or flooding can include soaked carpet or rugs, damaged walls, ruined furniture and warped flooring. Removing water, structural drying and treatments to prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes are tasks performed by knowledgeable professionals in El Centro and Salton City, Calexico and other areas of CA. Contacting a professional ensures the protection of your home and family from water in homes. A precautionary measure for mitigation and restoration from the damage is to make sure there are provisions in you home and business property insurance polices that cover water losses. Some policies will only cover losses caused by water entering through the roof, windows, pipes or faulty appliances. Many policies may not cover sewer or drain problem or may only cover flooding but not rising tide or rivers.

One important step to take to lessen the damage is to contact a professional as soon as possible because damage to property can occur in 24 to 48 hours. Make a list of damages for the insurance company, taking pictures and saving samples if possible. If there is standing water, do not enter the building because there may be many hazards include electrical, critters such as snakes and rodents as well as exposure to mold, bacteria and other microbes. Professionals in Imperial CA as well as Calexica, El Centro and Salton City and other areas of CA are trained in mitigation and restoration and should be able to handle your problems efficiently and effectively so your home and business is safe for you to return.