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Fire Damage In Salton City

A fire can cause major damage to your kitchen. Our experts are ready 24/7 to help you with your fire damage emergency. Our fire damage technicians will arrive q... READ MORE

Flooding from Rain and Storm

How do I prepare my home from storm?There will be a lot of homes damage after a storm. It's important to keep your home safe and in position to be restored quic... READ MORE

Setting Up Drying Equipment

How is Drying Equipment Used?On a large commercial loss, such as this building in Salton City, CA, you need to rely on the company with the right equipment. Not... READ MORE

El Centro, CA Flooding

What can be saved after a flood?It's unfortunate that there will be a lot of demolition to a home after flooding. The main reason is that flood water is highly ... READ MORE

What happens if my building is flooded?

Call the Experts for Flood Damage Restoration!When the water was too high outside from heavy rains and flooding, this company had to close down and have their b... READ MORE

Calexico, CA Bathroom with Water Problems

Water Problems in BathroomThe bathroom has a lot of different hoses and faucets that can have a problem. The faucets all have supply lines too, which was one of... READ MORE

Roof Damage in El Centro, CA

Replacing a Room and RoofA bad storm had caused the roof to cave in on this home. The ceiling was now laying on the floor and water was leaking in from the dama... READ MORE

Warehouse in Mexico has Fire Damage

Mexican Warehouse RestorationIt's not everyday that we get a call to do some international work. The company that owned this building had an insurance company o... READ MORE

School Campus Flooding

El Centro, CA School is FloodedGallons of water was pooling in this school for hours. The water had gone through the entire school and down to the basement. SER... READ MORE

Mold Covered Wall is Removed

Seeley, CA Home Mold DamageRemoving mold is not an easy task, especially when there is a lot. There was a lot of black mold growing on the wall of this house. T... READ MORE